Friday, August 1, 2008


This is what I must remind myself when I fixate on the details that no one else will a) give a sh*t about or b) remember.

Tonight I resigned the quest for a dozen glass pitchers. Courtenay, BC does not have such things. And we are 150km + two ferries away from the nearest Ikea.

Tomorrow I will call the rental company and add plastic pitchers to our order. F* it. What's important is the cocktails in the pitchers.

(Photo by Brian Berzer found here)


  1. You're so right about this one. Plastic pitchers scream FUN in a way glass ones never could anyway :)

  2. no one will notice : ) enjoy the day with your love, friends and family!

  3. No ikea??? Holy crap.

    (I'm only kidding by the way, I lived a ferry journey and 370km from an ikea for years. It still seems like a luxury to be within driving distance of one)

    Plastic pitchers are fine, and oh so fun. Cocktails you say? Sounds good...

  4. Texans, New Yorkers and Angelenos. It's all about the cocktails. And you're right, Guilty, plastic won't break!

    (Aaw, I missed you guys.)

  5. You are so right on!!

    I really hope your "big party" is happy and joyous and that you have an awesome time!!!