Saturday, July 26, 2008

I can't wait

I'm having almost as much fun packing for the honeymoon as I've had planning the wedding.

We fantasized about going to Barcelona, but partly for practical reasons and partly for romantic reasons (Badlands and True Romance are two of my favorite movies), I suggested we do a road trip instead. H-town went for it, and the best part is, it's his job to plan it!

I've been squirreling my honeymoon wardrobe away for months. I think I got a bit of a complex when I saw my MOH's honeymoon pictures from Paris and noticed she was wearing an adorable new outfit every day.

I have a new bikini and a fabulous cover-up (I've never had a bathing suit cover-up in my life!) and a Joe's Jeans mini I scored at Filene's Basement. And today I bought an amazing long gray zip-up hoodie/jacket/dress from Diesel. "Diesel?" you shriek with horror. "Yes," I say. I saw it in the window and it called to me. My 64-year-old mother has an orange Diesel hoodie that I have always coveted. If she can walk into that store, so can I.

Now I am done shopping. Done. (Except for maybe one awesome t-shirt from a diner along the way...)

The point is, people, I can't wait to be married! And to have my husband (!) to myself for two glorious weeks.

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  1. Me too... soooo excited about the honeymoon!

  2. agreed. at this point i want the wedding done, the rings on our fingers and our vacation under way! and i have 3 more months of wedding planning.

    ps. got teary at the part about the husband. it's pretty neat, isn't it?

  3. Yeah! I'm so excited someone else is also doing a Roadtrip Honeymoon. I was being swamped by, "wait, you're not going to Mexico or the Carribean?" Safe Travels!