Saturday, July 5, 2008

F* etiquette

When we first launched into wedding planning, I spent too much time on Martha Stewart Weddings. I admit it. I was at sea and I got some great practical advice, but at a certain point H-town informed me that the words "Martha says" were banned from the bungalow.

But I continued to harp. And I put a big fat foot in my mouth on more than one occasion.

Martha says the invites should go out eight weeks before the wedding. Great. And Martha says tradition dictates that you put up your bridal party. (Which we can't afford to do! So why the f* would I bring that up with a member of my bridal party?!)

And most recently, when my mom told me how much she loved our invite wording, which reads "together with our parents," I burst her bubble and said, "it's proper etiquette, when you're helping us pay for the wedding." I should have just said, "I'm so glad!"

I bet Emily Post would never have uttered the word "etiquette" aloud. My advice is, read it then f*cking let it go.

Sorry, mom.

(Image courtesy of idahostudios)


  1. Thus post reminded me of the Sunscreen Song: read the instructions, even if you don't follow them.

    It's good to know what the etiquette is, even better to make up your own rules.