Friday, July 4, 2008

sequined ballet flats

Sent to me by the ever-vigilant Peonies and Polaroids from

The princess in me really really wants these.


  1. While I do love your site in general, I am just a little piqued about your display of the perfect shoes for my wedding... at a price that is more than half my share of the rent. Sigh... this east side bride will have to keep searching for a bit more of a bargain.

  2. Tell me about it. Now I'm on the hunt for rehearsal picnic shoes and I'm having the same problem. I will do some research!

  3. LOL - thanks! I'm almost convinced, but the FH definitely put his foot down... :) I guess since I vetoed his walking down the aisle to James Brown "Payback", I should probably behave...

  4. Hee!

    Take a look at Barneys - there are a bunch of great flats on sale (in erratic sizes, unfortunately):