Thursday, July 17, 2008

F* the programs and the bubbles and the favors and the napkins....

I have to take a deep breath and remind myself we're just throwing a big party for our friends. And they don't care about any of that sh*t.

I can't let the wedding industry or the opinionated MOH or my own bizarre expectations throw my priorities out of whack.

Our wedding doesn't have to look like anybody else's. I wouldn't want it to.

(Image by James Barwell)


  1. Preaching to the choir sister! ;)

  2. ;-)
    I think we all have to remember this and remind ourselves of it at least weekly! It's so easy to be swept away.

    And you're right, your guests won't need bubbles or printed napkins to have a good time. Just make sure the food's good, the music is fun, and the alcohol is flowing!!
    ** if you're on the wagon, just make sure you have lots of punch and tea. People get sweaty dancing!

  3. Exactly - first and foremost, YOU guys need to enjoy your wedding. And honestly, no one will care about the napkins... Even though we all want this to be the most perfect party ever, have to remember it won't be if the bride gets driven mad beforehand. Good luck!

  4. Honey, your friends reeeally don't give a shit about napkins. Or bubbles, or favours. If there are bubbles some of them will think 'cool, bubbles' and some of them won't even notice they're there because they're too busy talking, laughing, dancing. If you don't have bubbles, no one will know you were ever even thinking of having bubbles so they certainly won't miss them.

    And seriously, ignore the MOH, I am. Mine has been telling me I'm 'doing it wrong' since I first shared a plan with her. Now I just smile and nod when she says anything wedding related but inside I'm thinking about what to eat for dinner.

  5. You guys rock! Feels so good to know I have a cheerleading squad out there.

    Um, I already bought cool cotton fabric so I think I'll go ahead and overlock the napkins. But I'm really trying to let go of some of the other stuff...

    Yah, Peonies. The MOH loved her own wedding last year (of course she did, it was her wedding), and she kinda thinks I should do everything the same way she did. And then she says "What can I help with?" but she doesn't like the jobs I offer her. She said she has lots of time to do internet research for me. *&$#$?!

  6. You run a cool blog dont need net research LOL

    Peonies is so spot on..I love the title of this post- you got it. Its funs, its nice but at the end of the day it doesn't matter!

  7. Your MOH story made me smile. The Mother in Law told us she wanted to help by making us chocolate cakes to serve as wedding cake. We told her we had ordered wedding cake months ago but she could make the exact same cake as birthday cake for our friend whose birthday will be on the day of the wedding. Her response was 'no, I don't want to make birthday cake. Give me another job to do.'

    Goddamn people, don't offer to help if you don't actually want to help!

    And I love the idea of us as a cheer leading squad. I think we should have pompoms.

  8. Loved this post and all the comments above, especially from Peony. Right on.

    "Give me an E... give me and A.... give me and S... give me a T..."


  9. you have just described the universal motto for the modern bride. carry on and keel calm :)