Thursday, July 3, 2008

Groom Style Dilemma

Mindy wrote to me with a question:

Here is my vision: Dress pants, vest, white shirt with rolled up sleeves, maybe a tie...

My fiance thinks that it is "not right" not to wear a jacket. He wants to wear a "suit or something." I know he just thinks people will say he looks dumb, but I LOVE the look. Everytime we've had to do the formal thing, I always thought he looked best when he decided to relax at the table and take off the jacket (which is the first thing everyone does after the ceremony anyway). We are having a VERY casual wedding at a lake cabin built by the WPA. Since the ceremony will be outside, I think our guys will appreciate avoiding the additional jacket sweat. My family is definitely not the black tie type and it would suit our overall style.

My question is: What do YOU think?

Mindy, I think your groom would look fabulous in simple dress pants and a well-cut shirt (with or without a vest). There are no rules for a casual wedding.

That said, I wouldn't add a tie if you're skipping the jacket. Just my opinion. He'll look like he lost the jacket somewhere along the way. And he shouldn't roll up his sleeves until after the ceremony. It's a wedding, not a barn-raising!

I hope this helps. In the end, if the man wants to wear a suit, you've got to let him. It's his day too.


  1. Wow, that's unusual. And here I am dropping daily sly hints that he WILL wear a suit jacket for ours. Or at least a tie. He's currently campaigning for shirt with rolled up sleeves, no tie, untucked and barefeet. And me in a full-on white wedding dress and heels?? Pft! Not likely. ;-)