Monday, July 22, 2013

Where do the cool girls shop? Part 2.

(Canvas tote with rope handles from A Détacher)

It turns out the ladies over at Erica Weiner read ESB, and when I put a call out for submissions to Where do the cool girls shop? this guide from Erica herself (jewelry maker/vintage shopper EXTRAORDINAIRE) quickly appeared in my inbox.

Erica was too modest to include her own stores in the guide, but, just FYIZ, you can shop her original designs and antique jewelry finds in Nolita + Boerum Hill + of course online.

Without further ado, here is E's (mostly) New York City-based installment of Where do the cool girls shop? (with a little London + Maine thrown in for good measure):

A Détacher—A place that's inspiring to be in, if maybe a little unaffordable.

Stock Vintage—Mostly for menswear, which I love.

Doyle & Doyle—Shout out to this Lower East Side shop where my hubby bought my engagement ring.

(Vintage patterned wedding band from Doyle & Doyle)

Rowan & Rowan—A London antique store with the craziest, oldest, creepiest and most beautiful antique jewelry in the world, all museum-quality.

Beads of Paradise—New agey organic stuff: pictures of Ganesh, flowy pants, overpriced face creams, and jewelry findings.

Goodwill in Camden, ME—Some of my best vintage and old LL Bean stuff comes from here.

Love, Adorned—Obvi.

9th Street Haberdashery—A miniscule shop in the East Village specializing in truly vintage clothes—stuff from the 20s, 30s, 40s. Guarded by a taxidermied dog.

Rachel Comey sample sale—Happens twice a year in a gymnasium on Mulberry and Prince; totally worth the wait/hype. All the girls at our studio have scored like crazy here.

Holler & Squall—The Atlantic Ave strip is filthy with top-notch antique/salvage furniture shops, but Holler & Squall is one of the best. 

Sharktooth—A former employee of the above store recently opened her own antique textile and rugs shop. Also fantastic.

(Erica Weiner's work on display at Malin Landaeus)

Malin Landaeus—I'd call this Williamsburg vintage store an institution at this point. The owner and I met years ago at Artists & Fleas, both hocking our wares, and now she sells our jewelry at her store. So much of my vintage comes from here.

If you're interested in writing a guide to shopping your city/eBay/your fave Goodwill, hit me up!


  1. Holler & Squall...I want all the things! We're remodeling our kitchen and bathroom right now and it's pretty frustrating shopping for cool light fixtures and such at...Menards (barf). Wish we had cool salvage stores like H&S around here!! But I DID find a mint condition vintage barn light at a thrift store for $25 here.

  2. errffff, so much awesome. let's book a group flight to heathrow for a R&R field trip.

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