Monday, July 1, 2013

A visit to Echo Park's Bride boutique

This wee bridal boutique opened up in my neighborhood a few months ago, and I finally figured I should go check it out.

I asked Michelle Pullman of Rad + In Love to come take photos, and she brought this lovely bride-to-be along to try on dresses. (Pro Tip: It is so much more fun to watch a REAL BRIDE try on dresses than some jaded model or whatever.)

To start, Mel put on her mom's wedding dress and did a quickie consult with Maria Diaz, the owner/sole employee of Bride, about doing some alterations.

The dress is basically Zeffirelli's Juliet meets Laura Ingalls Wilder and it's pretty fucking awesome in a weirdly modest, 110% polyester way.

Maria specializes in altering such dresses.

Next up was this shreddy gown by Madabby ($350)

This simple gown by Holly Stalder ($450) (I loved this one.)

This Holly Stalder tiered gown ($650) (Mel loved this one.)

This strapless high/low by Caroline Flach (north of $4000, this was by far the most expensive gown we saw in the shop) 

The teensy sample Mel obligingly put on is the actual dress that teensy Caroline made for her own wedding.

This meringue-y Caroline Flach ($1500) (Which we ALL loved.)

Here's Mel curled up into a ball, she loves it so much.

And then we made her try on this black tulle one, designed by Maria Diaz herself ($500), which is basically Michelle's dream wedding gown.

There are lots more dresses in the shop, including vintage gowns in the $100-200 range. If you happen to live in the neighborhood (or might like to plan a trip to the neighborhood), do check it out.

Bonus: Bride is right across the street from Guisados, my most favorite taco joint in Los Angeles.

(Photos by Michelle of Rad + In Love)


  1. oof.. black tulle ftw. someone please go get married in it. OR DIVORCED.

  2. LOVE. So unique and pretty and lovely. I also love the realistic price points. I wish I could go there!

  3. Love it. Especially love that they stock things at pricepoints that don't make my head explode. I mean, the beaded fantasy-land stuff is great, but eventually I have to pull my head out of the clouds and actually purchase something with real money.

  4. Ohhhh, I would have died to have a resource like this around me when I was dress shopping! Every single one of those dresses is unique, flattering, and NOT BORING. And the place is next to a great taco place???? Not fair. Lovely bride-to-be! Looks like she had a blast.

  5. Damn those dresses are awesome. And, um, the prices?? Damn.


    1. Even a year ago. Damn. Impossible not to be a hot (with class) bride in those.

    2. Right? I got married a year and a half ago and there was WAY less options than there is now.

  7. I am SO GLAD you checked this out! I plan on getting my dress from Maria and thought she was right up the ESB alley. (Also I totally plan on bribing friends with Guisados when I go for fittings.)

  8. dammit this is awesome.

  9. Maria’s boutique is so amazing and the gowns looks stunning!
    I see someone even tried out a couple of AINO`S hair adornments, they look so lovely with the dresses!


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