Tuesday, July 16, 2013

happy tuesday!

there's a fresh one over on 100 layer cake today, in which i share my thoughts on "starter" engagement rings....

once again i have nailed it SO HARD that nobody has anything to add.

at least that's what i'm telling myself.

Feathers (2012) by Kensuke Koike


  1. Writer was pretty unclear calling it a starter ring. Their issue isn't about a starter ring, it's about whether she can pick out her own ring which, yeah, of course she can.

    Can we talk about starter rings and upgrades? Because I almost wrote you about this once then decided I didn't want to be That Girl that writes in multiple times.

    I have an eBay ring because we needed it quickly and it's what we could afford. I love it and would never replace it. Is it gross to add to it though? I've thought about trading in some old jewelry to get a band for either side, then my gut says "ehhh, that's so tacky and materialistic."

  2. I need a tumblr that screencaps the cheesiest wedding industry comments on 100 layer cake. Los Angeles Family Portraits, you win this round.

    1. YES. That would be the best CAPTCHA, to have to retype that shit on ESB.

  3. hahahahaha, THIS. please follow through with your idea!