Friday, July 19, 2013

A bride in search of a dilemma

Feb 20, 2013

Hey ESB,

We're planning a laid back, court house ceremony followed by a party in a pub later in the evening. I bought this dress which fits like a dream and is super flattering. I thought the hard part was over but now I have to accessorise which is not my strong suit.

I have the kind of fair skin that suits all hair colours, so I'm kicking around the idea of deep wine lipstick (maybe just for the reception so I'm not smearing lippy all over the groom during the ceremony) and dark nail polish. Would dark shoes make it all too matchy? I'm thinking flowers aren't even really necessary and the thought of putting something on my head is sending me over the edge.

Am I completely insane going down the dark lipstick/accessory route? I have a hard time picturing it all working together with the dress. To be honest I'm having a hard time picturing anything other than the stock standard nude pump, peonies, french manicure look. But I mean, YAWN, right!? 



Jul 12, 2013

Are you MARRIED? How did you accessorize??

Dress is gorg, b/t/w


Jul 12, 2013

Thanks esb - I think so too.

Not married yet, shit gets real in October.

I wasn't too long engaged when I emailed you and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the choices. In fact, I was kind of projecting my stress about some significant life challenges by obsessing over wedding details. Don't think I'm the only bride to be to do that.

Things have a way of sorting themselves out though. I'm more or less organised with plenty of time to change my mind.

I've put a pretty vague order in with a florist that I drove past and loved the store set up (think fluro macrame hanging baskets with ferns etc). I've asked for a small bouquet that's wild and textural.

Accessories wise I bought these Emerson Fry shoes (they're gorg) and have put an order in for this amazing baby soft black leather jacket made by a local Melbourne designer. Oh and my wedding band arrived last week and I LOVE IT. I've spent a lot more money on accessories than on the dress but they're all pieces that I'll wear again (and again, and again). 

I've nixed the dark lipstick idea because I don't want to be worried all day/night that it's smudged, or worn off, or is on my teeth. And I don't want to discourage my new husband from kissing me for fear of my lipstick transferring itself to his face.

Besides that I'm pretty undecided about all the rest. I have a beautiful string of pearls my Dad bought me for my 21st that suit the neckline of the dress, and I was thinking of whacking some flowers in my hair like this (sorry no source, it's one of those frustrating pinterest/tumblr ones). Nails - no idea.

I'm open to suggestions if you or your readers feel up to completing the picture!

PS: We're taking our ceremony peeps out to lunch at the restaurant where we had our first date and it just so happens to be Chinese a la Shane and Eric. I love everything about that wedding and hope ours is just as fun...


Jul 19, 2013

OK esb, I have a legit dilemma for you now. 

Last night, bridesmaid dress shopping, I found a dress [pictured above]. I know I wasn't really doing myself any favours but I had to try it on, and as suspected from looking at it on the rack it's absolutely gorgeous. It fits beautifully and suits my complexion and hair colour to a tee.

I can't justify spending $650 on a dress with no occasion to wear it, and it would make a KILLER wedding dress. But as you know, I already have an outfit sorted. 

It doesn't fit into any kind of budget I'm running right now, but that's what credit cards are for, right?!

I know I'm not the first to have the two dresses dilemma. I've canvassed my bridesmaids who've seen me in both dresses for their opinion but thought I'd throw to you also. Because, you know, guru.

Should I go with the new dress or stick to what I have planned? 


For a courthouse wedding + Chinese + pub, I say stick to the shift dress.

p.s. You have bridesmaids for a courthouse wedding??

p.p.s. CHILLAX.


  1. I normally agree with ESB, but the second dress is everything. I'm leaning towards being one of 'those' brides and hitting the switcheroo for the party at the pub. The leather jacket will be KILLER with that tulip dress.

    PS. Um yeah, bridesmaids for a courthouse wedding? Huh?

    1. Courthouse ceremonies take about 5 minutes...are you really going to get all dolled up in one dress just to change out of it 10 mins later?

  2. I have to say, I was really digging the idea of wine red nails/shoes/lips. I get the kissing dilemma, but man! that would look killer. Esp. with a leather jacket.

  3. Agreed. And thank you, ESB. I needed a reminder to CHILLAX, too.

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  5. The second dress is AMAZING.

  6. Agree with all of this. Cannot wait to go lipstick shopping now.

  7. The second dress is great, but as others have said, the world is full of pretty dresses. The ensemble you have already, with the KILLER leather jacket, is pitch-perfect. Think about how many hours you would have to work, post-taxes, to pay that off of your credit card.

  8. Wine-colored lipstick nails and shoes sounds so 90s to me??? And not in the best way?

  9. OP here.

    1. Done, shift dress it is. Bridesmaids agree.

    2. Yes, bridesmaids. Sort of. Only siblings plus partners, parents, and one Grandma coming to court house - plus my two closest friends (the "bridesmaids") and his. Also, they're planning a hens.

    3. Point taken. But no promises. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but over-thinking things is my MO.


  10. Yay, a Melbourne wedding! and cool florists DO exist- there are many of us who see the value in non peony bouquets and create wild and woolly things!

  11. REALLY into that ring. really REALLY into it.