Sunday, September 23, 2012

welcome to my world

Instead of writing a wedding-y post for tomorrow, I spent the morning googling "vintage industrial shelving" and "heavy duty shelf brackets."

I thought I was looking for this:

(Robert Reck for The New York Times)

But then I realized this is the closet unit we've got going on in the bedroom. (On the wall. There is no actual closet.) I don't really want just a better version of the same thing in the living room.

So now I'm thinking we might use heavy duty white shelf brackets to do a set of four shelves and a long desk for two. Basically, the elegant version of this.

Have I lost my mind? H seems into it.


  1. Do you read Manhattan Nest? He's done something like this at various levels of difficulty in the past few years.

    Huge w/desk:

  2. hmmmmmm. h suggested pipe when we were at home depot last night, and i pooh-poohed him.

  3. In my dream world, this is my wall-mounted desk system:
    George Nelson CSS System

    Vistoe ( offers a higher end, more designy version of the standards/brackets type of shelving - it's way more lovable than the elfa system for something that won't be in a closet - but it comes at a price.

    ISS designs is a mid-range option of this same idea.

    Basically, I spend way too much time researching furniture I will never be able to afford...

  4. Pipe looks awesome (the Brick House did it right [*of course* she did]), but seems like a lot of work.
    The white ones are totally unobtrusive--get the best wood you can afford and no one will notice them anyway.
    More importantly, I'm all married now and I just bought a house, so it would really work for me if you posted a lot about house stuff on your blog from now on. Thx!

  5. my friend has a room-length floating shelf that serves as a desk for two. like
    this. i like how it kind of disappears in the room and isn't obtrusive.

  6. Yes to industrial shelving! We have open shelving in our kitchen with stainless steel shelf brackets and I love the look. Just get yourself some nice wood. We also made a long industrial/raw shelf that has morphed through the years but has been fun to play with.

  7. i've done the brick house's pipe shelve in 3 different places (one in my shoppe, one at hope, and one at a friend's). the pipes were spray painted anodized bronze and the boards were stained in walnut...very industrial looking, but still warm and a bit old fashioned. it's a really simple project,
    just build from the bottom up (and, if you buy longer pipes and have them cut to size and threaded at home depot or wherever, it will cost oodles less than buying pre-cut pipes!)

  8. I like the shelf bracket idea esb. It seems more utilitarian, and less like you are trying too hard than the pipes. You know like, "I'm not decorating, I am creating a place at which to work, and it just happens to look nice"...this is my entire design aesthetic...Actually I have two of these exact brackets in my closet right now, because I was thinking of using them to make a desk a few weeks ago. They ended up not working for my space, but I still like the idea.

  9. im into it, and totally over the pipe shelving. i like the super streamlining and horizontal emphasis of the bracketed shelves. the pipe shelving has so many vertical elements that it seems busy and cluttered.

    1. yah, i think the pipe would take up too much visual space in our lil living room.