Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delphine Manivet

Digging these dresses,* that gap in her teeth, and: what did I tell you about the laurel wreath being the new flower crown?

Avail at Lovely Bridal in NYC + LA

*Plus one romper.


  1. love. i wish these were avail at lovely when i bought my dress there and got hitched last year.

  2. Yes, these are excellent. And yay for ladies with spaces between their two front teeth!

  3. So dreamy... and oh how I love the name Delphine.

  4. In France, every hispter bride is wearing delphine manivet, I'm kinda over her. The new manivet is Laure de Sagazan. But I kinda hate both of them because all the dress are for small boobs. The small boobs get all the cool stuff.
    Ps: I soooo regret to have the gap between my teeth fixed when i was a kid.