Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sale Shopping? Wearing Color?

Dear ESB,

I'm not sure if there is a straight answer to these questions, but hopefully you and your fashion savvy readers can help:

Is there an ideal season in which to go dress shopping? I'm not getting married until Spring 2013, so I feel like I have a TON of time before I need to figure that out. However, it would be nice to save some money if there is a sale season on dresses. Does that even exist in wedding dress land? 

Also, I'm considering going with an untraditional skirt/top combo. Would shopping for those pieces out-of-season be my best bet on finding sales?

As for the untraditional: I'd like to add something colorful (a tropical print? a bright skirt?). Is there a fail-safe way of doing that without looking like a clown?? The attached examples are just to help me explain how I currently imagine incorporating color...

- An all-over light pink dress
- A white skirt and colored top
- A vibrant skirt and neutral top

Please let me know if this is a horrible idea so I can save myself the embarrassment and waste of time!

Clueless But Bright(ly Dressed)


As my friend A put it, "To wear tropical prints without looking like a clown, one must first not give a fuck whether one resembles a clown while wearing tropical prints."

This wee bit of advice can be applied to ANYTHING, of course. Hangliding, buying lube at Rite Aid, approaching a group of enthusiastic young fellows at the Tiki Ti and asking them to recommend a cocktail.

To __________ without looking like a clown, one must first not give a fuck whether one resembles a clown while __________.


At top, a Pleated Flower-Print Skirt from Proenza Schouler. Perhaps to be worn with...

an Alexander McQueen Sheer Lace Blouse? Am I out of my mind??

BarneysBergdorf Goodman and net-a-porter are all having pretty decent sales at the moment. Go have a look-see.


  1. also, re: tiki ti, skip the dudes. the answer is blood and sand.

    1. mmmmmmmmmmmm. i had the Bloody Tiki. now i want to go back.

  2. spring 2013? Right about NOW. Spring lines usually come in around March, so will probably be on sale now to make room for summer. Or the best time to shop would be when all the remaining spring/summer clothes go on sale in july/august when the autumn lines come in.

    It doesn't sound like you are, but if you plan to buy from a bridal shop they will need 6-9 months to order a dress in from the designer.

  3. just re-read your email. If you want discounts at a bridal shop, most shops have sample sales when the new season's dresses come in, you can get in touch with your local shops to see when theirs are, mine had them in January and April.

  4. The bit about not looking like a clown is perhaps the best advice I've ever heard!

  5. I LOVE that look on the right with the long skirt and open shirt. It's SO chic.

  6. I don't think you're crazy. I like the mix.

  7. This is the question girl, finally replying after a crazy week on my end! Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions. Now I'm falling down the rabbit hole of dresses.

    What about these options for the wedding?
    Adrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown

    I like the idea of this Jill Sander Double Layer Dress, but its a little conservative for me. Anyone seen something less bright white with more of an open chest/back?

    I'm drooling over this Dolce and Gabbana. I'd love it without the sleeves and a cutout chest/back area...crazy?? Well, crazy expensive!!!

    This Thakoon Addition Cabagge Rose Dress for the rehearsal?

  8. two questions on the example in the letter - the red skirt with the red top:
    1. Where can I get it?
    2. Is a white top all right for a wedding guest? Will I be stoned?
    it's beautiful...

    1. let me rephrase that: the red skirt with the white top. maybe that was my subconscious telling me white is off limits...

  9. Those are Naeem Khan pieces. Too pricey for me! I think white tops on guests are fine, as long as they don't wear a white bottom!

    1. oh wow.. that makes two of us then! thanks for the info though! =)