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So, hating the fact that I am writing in re: dress, as I have "accidentally" been following your blog pre engagement (lots of friends weddings to help plan!)

However, my amazing partner and I reside in a reasonably small town in Q, Australia and as such dress shopping for our special day is impossible. I have seen our local brides, as such am avoiding our one dress shop like the plague. Think strapless, diamante and satin ugh.

We are planning a small affair, something near the water, with much yummy food and celebrations to follow. We are totally cool on what we want our day to be and who to invite, (relaxed, intimate, flowers, friends, love, sunshine) my only issue is finding a dress.

I have attached two dresses that I adore (one via "the lane," one via your blog). I would absolutely LOVE your help in finding either one online (or by phone order o/s is fine) or something similar! I am Aus 10 (which I think is US 6???) and am 177cm tall, natural auburn curly haired (I plan on out with a small flower crown, or something to do with braids).

I have already scoured the internet to the best of my abilities and am coming up with nothing.... so any help would be amazing!!

the otherwise naked bride xox


That Zac Posen will be hard to track down. (Both of those dresses will be hard to track down.)

Howzabout this killer number from Elizabeth Dye's brand new collection?

(Photo at top by Josie Miner)


  1. This dress seems to have a similar neckline to that Zac Posen dress. Not sure the price but you could contact the designers directly.

  2. Here are some white bohemian maxi dresses, just in case you're crazy and don't like the Elizabeth Dye dress.

    beyond vintage

    temperly london

    alice + olivia

    1. Anon, all your links went to

  3. Oh, and of course this I think its probably the closest replica to the zac posen.

  4. Here are my picks:

    This crochet maxi dress; this gauzy open back number; or this romantic embroidered dress. Good luck! xo.

  5. As soon as I saw this dress I knew it would be up here within a week. Hot damn if Elizabeth Dye isn't good!

  6. These two Temperley London dresses have a similar shape/neckline:

    - Dress #1
    - Dress #2

  7. I love all of your suggestions, ladies, but the size of the Zac Posen's bride's first is freaking me out.

  8. This and this have similar shapes to the underlayer of the Zac Posen. You then can drape a shawl over your shoulders (maybe held in place with some sort of belt?) for the the full flowy effect. Possibly something like this.
    Most certainly a fraction of the cost of the original Posen. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the BCBG dress in anything but large...

  9. new hunt:
    this dress

    no idea where its from but its perfect!

    1. ok i can't figure this out:


    or this? temperly london - jean dress

  11. Hi! Otherwise naked bride here :) thanks a million for all the suggestions. I am loving the Elizabeth Dye dress - however don't know how I will go with sleeveless?....I will sit on it for a while... Cheers!!

    1. Hi,
      I also fell in love with this and ended up buying a similar dress by Australian designer Thurley off Ebay.

  12. Question for you, are there any good seamstresses near you that might be able to make your dress?

    Saja HB6622

    Angel Sanchez