Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lovely Jubilee Photoshoot aka I shot the Queen...

Dear East Side Bride

In England we have these people called The Queen and Prince Phillip. 

The Queen and Prince Phillip are all over the press at the moment because The Queen has been The Queen for 60 years and we all get to have a day off work and hang up bunting and drink gin until we throw up on our own shoes.

Because The Queen and Prince Phillip have reigned over this fair country for such a long time, they called me up* and asked me to take some pictures of them.**  

I was very surprised when they said they wanted to have their picture taken on a housing estate (that's a bit like a housing project in the US) but they bought a nice picnic so, you know.

The Queen loved me so much that we are now BFFs and she has promised that she'll make me next in line to the throne.***

My mate, The Queen, said she'll cut your head off if you say no.****

*this may be a lie
** also a lie
***and again
****this is actually TRUE.  REALLY, REALLY TRUE.

Anyway, I'm asking you because you like taking the piss out of shit stuff. 

Thanks and have a good day!



These were so bizarre I had to publish them.

Also, your letter is quite endearing.


  1. Good lord this is hysterical!

  2. hahaha. love it!

    Also, we get two days off for the Jubilee. 4 day weekend, bitches.

    1. @JB well bitch, I get the whole week off take that!

  3. This effing rules.

  4. those faces completely beat the pants off of the creepy Mormon baby masks, hands down.

  5. nobody loves the royals more than when we get an extra day off work. best thing about the royal wedding last year = extended holiday in Greece.

  6. I am simultaneously delighted and terrified

  7. This MADE my day! Seriously. Laura, thank you for taking these pictures and sharing them. ESB, thank you for publishing.

  8. I lol'd. Thanks ESB and batty English person.

  9. This is hilarious. Wonder what Rob thinks of it.

  10. I love that you now have a 'creepy Brits' tag.