Monday, May 7, 2012

finally graduating from that hoity-toity East Coast school?

(you know who you are.)

you should probably wear this.


  1. trying to remember what I wore to my east coast graduation.. black, I think. While this is a cute dress, I personally think it looks too casual for graduation (except for maybe the 'black ivory geo print').

  2. i was too much of a cranky punk to go to my graduation. i don't regret it.

    i LOVE the green version of this dress. and GODDAMMIT i'm trying to save money.

  3. how about if you are traveling to photograph the wedding of someone who is graduating from a hoity-toity East Coast school and need nice dresses for summer that unbotton for easy baby feeding?

    what? i am not allowed to spend money on dresses you say?


    1. can you also see my new "i have everything i need" motto and the part of my life where i choose time over things? yeah that.

    2. it's cool. i bought the bag before the motto.