Thursday, May 31, 2012


When I opened my email this morning, I found this missive from the princess_fairy.....

Dear ESB,

After reading so many MUST and MUST NOT TAKE photo lists [such as this one from RealfuckingSimple?], I have gained enough knowledge as to create my own list (yes...I am a really THAT SMART) and would like to share it with you (and your readers! I am addicted to ESB, not in a good there a good way to be addicted? well, that's a different story all together-forget this)

And the winners are...

Take photos of the people, not posed, of people being themselves during the ceremony and the party time. You know this means your uncle will start breakdancing on the floor and your mom will cry so hard...(and there's always a boozy friend in the mix..) Just think of soup or paella! it always has a funny ingredient in the mix, but overall it's damn tasty!!!

Take photos of whichever moment you would like, but it would also be nice to choose some moments, intimate, not to be photographed. They will be stuck in the memories of people who created that instant and there will be no pictures to illustrate it, so it will only get better and better with time. This can be getting dressed or making a toast. Think about why we no longer want videos with the audio running every single moment...take it one step further and remove the images too. Life its made of memories, not photos. And we need them to get sweeter as time goes by, because life its bitter enough itself.

About object photos or landscape photos or posed photos (bridesmaids making human towers, bales of hay in front of your altar..) ...well, photos are there to illustrate what was going on and was important for you, so you have to make a choice. Think 24 hours and distribute, how many do you want to spend with people? how many do you want to spend posing for pictures? and how many you want your photographers to spend inmortalizing the details? (we will imagine you don't get to sleep on your wedding day so that you can get 8 extra hours..) For your own mental sanity and reality check think about 24 years of your life and distribute, how much time you want with friends? how much time you want with family? how much time you want with your new family (husband/wife, kids?) and how much you want DIYing and baking? There is plenty of time for everything, butyou need to CHOOSE, and try to choose as best as you can.

My list is short, I hope it's helpful.

Ooopss..just two short ones more:

DO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU WITH YOUR EYES OPEN...(I am not joking...have a look at super photo sessions on blogs...)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN ALL PHOTOS (distribute, percentages, much of you is you and how much of you is friends, get the point)

When people are excited, overwhelemed with joy, they make funny faces, they have ticks, and thousand of wrinkles on their faces with super size grins. It's ok...this is life, welcome :)

whispers from fairyland

Photo: Kate Upton by Terry Richardson via Fashionising

p.s. My apologies if your comment disappeared. I, um, deleted the post by accident this afternoon. They should take away my blogger's license.


  1. YES YES YES TO THIS. I read this earlier today in my RSS feed and then went to comment and it was gone. Glad the post is back. FFS your wedding photography should be natural, and real, not some fucking glamour shoot where you hardly resemble yourself.

    In other news, I HATE HATE HATE photos of brides & grooms with the veil over their heads. Or photos of the bride and bridesmaids holding parasols. Makes me want to vomit everywhere.

  2. not loving the fairy princess emails/guest posts(?).

  3. Umm... assigning a percentage / creating a distribution list for how I want photos taken? Sounds like I task I'd like to do right after I pull my fingernails out, or maybe never. Isn't this why I did my research and hired a good photog? To not have to stress about there being 500 pictures of centerpieces and only two of my grandma? The capital of Fairyland must be Crazytown.