Thursday, May 17, 2012

lil wedding earring roundup

Theodore Stud Earrings from Macha ($265)

Mountain Studs from Mociun ($195)

Gold Ball Studs by Satomi Kawakita at Steven Alan ($528)

Lee Hale Black Rose Thorn Earrings at Erie Basin ($205)

Oxidized Bronze Faceted Earrings from mikinora ($44)


  1. Bernice at Macha made our whole wedding set for us. In sterling silver. We look (or at least feel) like rock stars.

  2. Man, I wanted the rockwell ring for an engagement ring but the man thought it was too silly, then I couldn't find them on etsy anymore, so thanks for the link to their page!

  3. I have these in silver. Along the same lines.

    1. Oh, actually I have the smaller version! Anyway, you have options.

  4. Thanks! I've been to lazy to start looking for my wedding accessories / jewelry and this sort of thing is just what I had in mind.

    Can you do the rest of my shopping for me?

  5. no NO: The Lee Hales also come in GOLD. It's kind of hidden on the description page, but extreme shininess rewards the intrepid.

    People complain mine stab them in the face when we hug, but they really should be hugging me more carefully.