Saturday, January 15, 2011

What do I wear to get married on the roof?

Dear ESB,

You may remember me from my record-breakingly long request for advice a few months ago (Should I scrap my lovely summer wedding for the sake of my sanity?). I am sure that it will come as no surprise that in the end, after continuing with the planning of our seemingly doomed summer wedding, the shit finally hit the fan. My fiance's mother and I had a bit of a blow up at Christmas over some "wedding co-ordination issues," which then led to both his parent's expressing how they think we are royally fucking up our lives if we don't fill them in on every last detail of our life/wedding plans (okay, maybe I am over-exaggerating a bit, but some of the things they said could honestly be construed that way). It became glaringly obvious to both my fiance and myself that we didn't even want what was being planned - especially if it was going to create so much drama. No deposits had been made to vendors, no invitations had been sent out - the signs abounded that this was the time for us to seize our wedding and do things our way. Admittedly, when we expressed our desire to cancel the summer wedding it didn't go over so well. His mom was very upset and lamented that it must be all her fault for "ruining our day." I think his dad is happy we aren't going to eliminate his chances at an earlier retirement, though.

I must say that it was a hard pill to swallow, celebrating New Years under the gloom of the aforementioned fight knowing that we had originally wanted to have our wedding that day. But, onwards and upwards! We have decided to host a very intimate wedding this September at our own apartment which is on the other side of the country and on our own turf. Money (and my sanity) will be saved and, once we convince his mother that this wedding truly will be a better and happier event, I am confident that a crisis will have been averted.

All that being said - I now need to change my whole approach to my dress! The ceremony will be held on our roof-top deck and then we will move the party to a restaurant. We live in a very metropolitan city and so I would like to play off the city's hip sophistication, mixed in with my own minimalist leanings. I was thinking of something short and relatively fashion forward, but still comfortable, so that I can show off killer shoes. I would be so grateful if you could send some suggestions my way.

Many thanks for hearing me out for a second time.

All the best,
Me, Again.


This belted ruched dress by Doo.Ri is hot.

But only if you have a nice ass. Be brutally honest with yourself, or get a second opinion if you need one.

Do you have a nice ass?

Via Refinery29's semi-annual alterna-wedding-gown round-up (They found some some good ones, even if they do count a J. Crew dress as "alternative." Um. As soon as you open a BRIDAL SALON, you cease to be an alternative to bridal salons. Mkay?)

First image via Anna of green gable


  1. I'm a big fan of this dress if you want to go short.

    (There is a dress she used to have that, seriously, almost had me ditch my more traditional gown, but the deposit had already been paid, so I held back.)

  2. I wish I had the stones to do a short dress. I love the idea of one for a city rooftop wedding, and come on, perfect excuse to buy amazing shoes! I'm going to suggest this dress from David's Bridal ( because I think it's modern and fun - and also because the money you save on the dress can be used for a pair of AMAZING shoes.


    @isiria in what way is that "fashion forward"? and @Catherine. oh, Catherine. in what way is that not a hideous white BRIDESMAID'S DRESS?

  4. FINE. There's this one - silver, and you have to be tiny to wear it. And god help me I don't know how to post a link in this thing:

    Or something more simple (and flattering):

  5. Ooooh I want that. I'm confident my ass could handle it

  6. If your ass can't handle it just get one of these!

  7. Well despite the HUGE meltdown, you must be pretty psyched about getting your wedding back!

    Here's a few dress suggestions

  8. if you happen to be a size 2, this dress is an extra 40% off today (last day) and it's already on sale....

    I know it's been on more than a few wedding blog posts, but it's sexy as hell and would totally fit your rooftop wedding.

  9. Alright, alright, my style is more classic than "fashion forward," mostly because most "fashion forward stuff is hideously unflattering on anyone not a size 00. Or maybe it's just because I dress like a prep school dropout. Either way, I'll admit, I'm the wrong person to ask.

    @Kendra - you're taking your life into your hands suggesting a JCrew dress on this blog.

    @Catherine - that second dress (the Issa) is hawt.

  10. cookies, you know how wise i think you are, but: rooftop wedding in the summer. even a tiny bride would sweat through that doo.ri dress before making it down the aisle - unless it's a summer rooftop wedding in san francisco, in which case everyone will see her nipples instead.

    @irisira "fashion forward" doesn't have to mean hideously unflattering any more than classic does. i'm an 8, and i'd wear almost all of the dresses Anon posted up there.

    speaking of Anon, bride-to-be, that linktastic comment up there is your dress-shopping gold. find something in a fabulous fabric with clever draping like some of the deconstructed grecian numbers - perfect for summer outside, they'll be comfortable and gorgeous - and you're golden. save the real fireworks for a statement accessory (cuff? shoes?), and oh my god, don't wear a belt.

    (sorry, ESB. that doo.ri belt is hideous.)

  11. i used to have such a fantastic ass...

    anyway, so much of this depends on your body type and like lauren said, where you live. i went to the saks website and although i think they need to fire their stylist, if you take the models out of the equation, they've got some choice selections.

    my favorites were...

    and this one, but only if you have the right boobs for it (small and perky)...

  12. I would rock this for a wedding in a second...

    Also, the Thakoon suggestion from ANON#1 is gorgeous!!

  13. @Anons I like the Thakoon, but it makes the (skinny) model look a little preggers.

  14. bargin time.

  15. Holly crap, ladies! So many suggestions to consider! And just so you know, ESB, my ass might not FULLY be able to rock that dress just yet, but come September.....

    Here's one I had already been looking at:

    But I wasn't quite sure so sure about such a girly floral detail. Plus I live in Canada, so the duty fees were killer if I was to order it from net-a-porter.

    But @Anonymous, that Thakoon dress is a dream.

  16. I think the real question with most of these dresses is whether you have seriously kick-ass, killer Cameron Diaz legs. Because you will need them to rock just about any of the dresses posted here.