Monday, January 24, 2011


F*ck feathers and flowers and glitter mini burlesque crowns. Barrettes are the next big thing in bridal headgear.

Here's a how-to.

Rodarte, Spring 2011 via Nibs


  1. shitballs! how did i miss that link to the mini burlesque crown?? your response was killer. i haven't laughed that hard in weeks.

    yes, i'm all for barrettes.

    *still laughing*

  2. Wow, we Brits can produce a lot of crap.

    How I wish I had hair that would do that.

  3. i like barrettes with feathers.

  4. I like barrettes; I also like that you included a how-to. How to put a barrette in my hair? I think I got that one! But thanks! (Kidding. Kind of. You know I love you.) xo.

  5. I had a single glittery-old-brooch-turned-hair-pin as my only hair accessory and it worked out awesome. No veils or tiaras to mess with/worry about. And I had the girl that put my hair up put it in, so I wouldn't mess it up.

    Granted, its a simple look and not for everyone. But my dress had enough going on and I don't like stuff in my hair anyways.

    Anyways, this is along the same vein. And I think this would be a cute style in almost any length hair (that it will stay put in at least).