Thursday, January 20, 2011

A dress to get you through 3+ weddings

Dear ESB,

So, the weddings for next year are starting to pile up (I already have two booked for September?!!) and I need some help with what to wear. I figure, you're an impeccably stylish lady, perhaps you could lend a hand? 

As of right now I have shindigs in Mexico in April (in a town square though, not on the beach - thankgodicanwearheels!), at an old mill in New Jersey in early September and at the Chinese Gardens in Portland at the end of September. 

I need to find a dress that will get me through (ideally) more than one of them, so it has to be something that can be layered well. Also, I'm broke after all those plane tickets, so nothing crazy expensive. I am in LOVE with this
[the link is broken but it went to a Marimekko dress in a FABULOUS PRINT if I remember correctly] but it seems to be sold out and can't even be ordered from Finland. Any suggestions? Thanks!!


Would $280 be considered crazy expensive? I really want to recommend the star-print silk mini dress by Adam (above left) because, um, I'll get a commission. And is it not totally versatile?

But I also dig the sketched feathers dress from Madewell in silk crinkle chiffon (above right), which is a little more reasonable at $145.


  1. Both of those dresses are really cute and would flatter most body types. Hopefully the weddings you're attending all call for "cocktail attire" to make your life easy...Otherwise, maybe invest in one nice formal dress and one nice semi-formal one. That way you're covered no matter what the dress code.

    I see H&M is coming out with a pretty cool long dress for spring:
    Probably affordable, since it's H&M.

  2. $145-$280?! Are you kidding me?! If it isn't under $50 I don't even look at it. That first dress is SUPER RAD though, but I think I could easily DIY it with some homemade stencils and spray paint + those old white target sheets I have laying around...

  3. I would try ASOS, Topshop, and Allsaints - right now, they're having a huge sale. Good luck!

  4. @nicole ASOS is overwhelming. i spent half an hour searching dresses there last night. yikes.

  5. ruche, maybe?

  6. If you'd like to wear couture - think Balenciaga that retails at $2,000 - you can rent it for the evening for $200.

  7. AWESOME inspiration. love both of those dresses...I agree though, H&M would be the way to go for me...price-wise...ya know...

  8. As a student I am always broke and facing the same issue, right now I keep looking at made well but also Urban Outfitters has some cool options as well, but their shorter dresses can be VERY short if you are over 5'6. Good Luck.

  9. I love the star print dress, and that you're open about the commission. You didn't sell your soul completely

  10. @nikki thx lady! i keep waiting for someone to send me an email telling me what an A*HOLE i am.

  11. The Chinese Garden is mostly outdoors - and at the end of September it might be a bit chilly at night. Wouldn't recommend those dresses.

    Also, incidentally? No white at someone else's wedding. The bride isn't even wearing white :)

    -PDX Groom-