Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you're on the fence about eloping...

Go directly to Lillian and Leonard.

If you're knee-deep in wedplanning and you're completely stressed out about your dress and your shoes and your veil/headpiece, not to mention the dj and the catering and your fucking family, I'm sorry I brought it up. It probably won't help you to look at Jane and Warrick's photos.


  1. ESB! Why did you do that to me? You totally knew I was stressing out about my wedding! ;)

  2. jerk face.

    just kidding. but wishing for a little eloping right about now.

  3. wellies, champagne and a mountaintop... it doesn't get much better than that.

  4. Truthfully, I saw this wedding and it reminded me why we are doing this whole big thing. Because as nice as the idea of being just us on a mountain is, it seems lonely. Sure, it's wonderfully private, and I'm not trying to bash this couple and their beautiful wedding. But the pictures of this wedding just made me feel like I feel when I see a bouquet of peonies. I don't want that; that's not for me. There is something about two people standing before all of the people that love them and saying, "I choose you to be my family" that is truly special. And that is what I want, at the end of the day. So it was good to look at this wonderful, beautiful wedding, and know we am making the right choice for us.

  5. I'm doing the mountaintop & the family, together. Though, climbing to the top of a hill alone and whispering vows has always been the way I thought I'd do it.

    I agree with Ellie, too.