Tuesday, March 23, 2010

eco-chic little wedding dress

Leanimal (aka Leanne Marshall) is taking advance orders for the dani dress, which will be available in mid-April. I kind of love how it's just a wee scrap of a thing... But carefully structured underneath.

With that Birth of Venus hair, I'm feeling these fringe-y Sigerson Morrison sandals.*

(Photo by Anna Wolf)

*If you only spend $575 on the dress, $425 shoes are totally reasonable.


  1. why i insisted on getting married before i really understood the wonder that is leanne marshall is completely and totally beyond me.

  2. leanne is the best. too bad pr sucks now. i wish i could wear a short dress. sigh.

  3. gorgeousness right there.

    love that you pointed out birth of venus hair too.

  4. swoon. would it be weird to pre-purchase a dress for a non-existent wedding?

  5. hahahaha, i loved it when she dubbed herself leanimal.

  6. Adorable dress! You can actually wear it more than one event too! Great post!