Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog of the Week: six orange carrots

I don't get the whole chicken craze.* I really don't. It may have something to do with the fact that my dad had chickens when I was a kid and I was scared of them. Until I figured out that they were really pretty boring.

And vegetable gardens? Again, ho-hum.

BUT, a blog dedicated to a very small chicken named Pocket? And a blogger who claims that vegetable gardening will redeem her wedding?? That is just good reading, people.

(Custom image by paperjo)

*This article by Susan Orlean about her own chicken fixation is actually a lot cooler than the Times Magazine one, but you have to subscribe to the New Yorker to read it.


  1. yes! i had to pop over last week to check out the awesome widgets. i was not disappointed.

    i've never been much of a chicken person either... but that pocket is down right adorable.

  2. i had no clue there WAS a chicken craze.

    we bird-sat someone's chickens when i was a kid (yes, that sounds weird to me, too). one pooped on me, then i was done with chickens.

  3. alright. pretty good i guess.

    and i want a chicken.

  4. Chickens and gardens? Who knew they could be so enlightening. Nice.

  5. Chicken is just a funny word. My little dog doesn't bark, she clucks, so we call her chicken which makes me laugh (I guess I am easily amused?) Thank you for virtually cussing out my boss for me today, that made me smile.


    Miss B

    P.S. I am scared of ducks, really...

  6. yessss.

    so glad you are reveling in the bizarre world of beth, pocket, enormous balls of yarn, and obsessive ebay trawling for 1950s refrigerators. her world is like an effed up acid trip in which new-wave betty homemaker stars as alice in a david lynch version of DIY wonderland. with multiple reference to swiss chard and occasional lessons in chicken husbandry. there is nothing quite like it on the internets. (and she has the BEST sweaters.)

  7. Yes yes yes. I lub Beth and her whale dress.

  8. Aw, east side, you've just gone and melted my insensible, feathered heart. There will BE chickens at my wedding, and you can be first in line with the perfectly honed eye-rolling.

    And yes, now that it's been mentioned, my whale dress kicks an UNBELIEVABLE amount of ass.

    Thanks for the love. :)