Wednesday, April 1, 2009

vintage tennis shoes

Gerry Beckley has an insane vintage tennis shoe collection. (Read more on 2 or 3 things I know.)

He even rocked them on the cover of America's first album.

I'm particularly taken with the white Supergas. Now I kind of desperately want a pair.

I always want the thing that's hard to find. You know, the thing no one else has.

This may relate to why I'm so easily bored by wedding trends. Like cupcakes. And converse. Enough already with the matching converse. I'm more interested in individual style.

(Photos courtesy of 2 or 3 things I know; Album cover found here)


  1. Oh God thank you. SO tired of the matching Converse.

    But I still like cupcakes. Because you can eat lots of them without exceptional remorse; like the remorse that follows the eating of an entire cake, for example. Also, it is easier to lick all the icing off a cupcake than a whole slice of cake. When no one is looking, of course.

  2. See. Cupcakes are just practical. No cake cutting knife and all that shit. Converse at a wedding? Cute the first 100 times..,.,.

  3. Ok, what is going on??? I had a dream last night (or one of those almost dreams when you are half awake) that I needed to email you about how tired I was of grooms wearing converse with suits (all matched with the groomsmen) and then being like, look at me, I'm hip! I don't need to do anything else (like hem my pants).

    I'm so over it.

    How come your addressing it this morning, right after my dream, huh?

    I'm also mehhh about cupcakes at this point.

  4. Ah, supergas. I won't tell you how many pairs I brought home from Italy. (Ok, it's 3.) I love them so.

    And I've ranted about the Converse thing, too. Glad to know my disapproval is shared.

  5. um, i want a vintage tennis shoe collection.

    and i love cupcakes, every day.

  6. totally! i *like* seeing guys in dress shoes! they can wear converse on the weekends...

  7. I too am totally over matching converse.

    That's one of the things I loved first about M - he wears shoes. And boos. And converse too, to the right event. But not to a wedding.

  8. Awww, how cool is that post? Thanks for linking to it...that collection is ROCKING me.

  9. they always have white supergas at american rag on la brea. i need a pair as well

  10. i would like a couple pairs of classics if i do say so myself.
    tennis shoes these days are so ugly.