Wednesday, April 22, 2009

flowers for Beyonce

Aren't they gorg?

I especially love the dogwoods. They're the provincial flower of BC (where we got married) but I've never seen em off the tree before!

By the fabulous Sarah Saipua.


  1. Actually, my son tells me the correct term is "bootylicious". Yes. Even for flowers.

  2. Dogwood is amazing and I love the idea of carrying it down the aisle!

  3. Dogwoods are an Atlanta favorite. They were blooming a bit more than a month ago, but omg the emit the worst smell EVER. How do they de-stink them for bouquets and such??

  4. so pretty!

    dogwood has never smelled bad to me... in fact, i've hardly noticed their scent at all. the ones that really STANK are the pear blossoms. they bloom on every street in this part of brooklyn and smell like dead fish. i guess fishy flowers are better than no flowers, though.

  5. I love the various shades of white/ivory/cream paired together. So pretty!