Friday, April 24, 2009

thoughts post-earth day

I'm late, obv. Lotta stuff going on and I honestly didn't think much about earth day until I read everyone else's posts. But here's what's going through my head now:

1. Can I give up ziploc bags? Joslyn has inspired me to try. (She gave them up long ago and has moved on to paper towels, a step I'm not ready for.) Anyhoo, I love ziplocs but they do seem like a lot of plastic tossed into the landfill, not to mention a waste of money. And I could get excited about carrying trail mix around in these. I bought a brushed aluminum SIGG water bottle months ago, and may I say it is much more stylish than plastic.

2. Am I an a-hole because I don't have a bike?? No part of living in LA makes me want to ride one. But lately I have been channeling my inner new yorker and walking. To the coffee shop, to the grocery store, to the farmer's market. Can I get some credit for that? (I also enforce carpooling, ie. whine and make my friends pick me up on the way to the bar. So that's green.)

3. And finally, Rachel has given me a new mantra: Don't bring junk into your life. I'm already a freak about getting rid of stuff. I've lived in small spaces for too long. But from now on I will be more vigilant about what I bring through the door. No more shopping at H&M. Even if they do have a sequin dress for $24.90. I want clothes that will last longer than six months.

(Polaroid by Porter Hovey)


  1. Those Sigg containers are fabulous!

  2. good job on the sigg water bottle.

    ok, well if you can't totally give up the ziplocks, at least wash & re-use them.

    i've gotten rid of all my ziplocks & saran wrap & foil by using glass containers. they have plastic tops, but they are *awesome.* i use them for leftovers & throwing in a half an avo i want to use later.

    *walk* yourself down to the green store in our 'hood and check out the glass containers.

    and girl, we haven't used paper towels in *years* and we even have dogs. you can so do it.

  3. oh and earth day is *every day* so you're not late. you're in the know, yo.

  4. Ziplocs are tough and I admit I still use them for some of the stuff I freeze, but I don't use them for every day stuff anymore.

    I have a ton of little containers that I use instead, just like Christina. And I use a Mr. Bento lunchbox to bring food to work. It looks like a little spaceship, which makes me happy, and I don't need ziplocs for my snacks.

  5. You are so brave. I love Ziplocs, not sure if I could quit. And H&M. But it's a noble goal--tell us how it goes!

  6. we don't use ziplocs or paper towels. i walk pretty much everywhere which i believe is better than biking but that could be because my around town bike is um, kinda in desperate need of a tune up. i don't have to commute to work though so ...

    good luck with h&m. you are a better woman than i. not that i have even stepped foot in such wonderfulness in over a year now ....

  7. You are not an *sshole for not having a bike. Period. The bicyclists that routinely threaten my life by refusing to obey traffic rules... well...

    Walk. It's the way to go. Walking and public transit, with a dash of carpools.

  8. good luck with number three... that's how i roll, myself. however, it does have its downsides. i find myself having this internal dialogue: "do i really need this 600$ sundress? of course i do. it's black and ivory. it's timeless. it looks amazing. it makes ME look amazing. I CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO BUY IT!" bad bad bad!

  9. We got rid of our car almost 3 years ago and now we walk/take public transit everywhere. I have to admit, it was a little scary at first, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. We save tons of money every month- not to mention the lack of driving stress (I was that girl in the ol' beater on the freeway cruising 20 miles over the speed limit, making up new ways to include "balls" in profanity and flipping off old ladies in mini-vans. My friends nicknamed me "The I-5 Rager). I don't belong behind the wheel of a vehicle. Besides, the people you meet on public transit will entertain you for a lifetime.

    As for ziplock and cheap clothes- I don't think I have the willpower for that yet.

  10. You won't regret ditching H&M, promise. I haven't shopped there for two years and when I got rid of 4 sacks of clothes a few months ago, most of it was crap from H&M that had fallen apart after being washed twice. God I hate that place. They lure you in with clothes that *look* great and then they last you like half an hour.

  11. I love number 3. So true.

    I've decided that I'm still allowed to walk around H&M and appreciate the pretty things, but no more buying. My closet is way too full anyway!

  12. i like rachel's mantra. perfect.

  13. giving up paper towels is easier than you think once they just aren't around! i like the inexpensive dish towels from ikea and at 89 cents a pop you won't feel bad recycling them to the dust rag pile after awhile.

    credit on the walking!! living in portland has made me LOVE walking to get coffee, etc...but the LA girl in me still hops in the car to go to Trader Joe's.

    some things die hard! :)