Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a burst of Joy

I was trying to get some writing done. Staying off the blogs. Having an assy day.... Until I finally checked email and got this missive from a reader:

crash my wedding

If you were in NY I would totally invite you!
i heart your blogs guts out! (does that makes sense.. its easier to heart a persons guts out but i don't want to sound too stalker)

Stalker?? Try too adorable for words. (Check out Joy's engagement-y pics here and here.) My mood has done a complete 180.

Image courtesy of dear creatures from Vain and Vapid via camp comfort


  1. Here, here! More party crashing! (And that little white dress? Sweet and sassy as can be.)

  2. YAY! I love that they got married on their engagment shoot. That might be the only really awesome reason for an engagment shoot I've ever heard ;)

  3. now you'll remember that assy is only one s away from sassy.

  4. I stalk you too, but it's too creepy to be considered adorable. It usually involves too much cheap wine and the desire to leave html hearts in your comments box.


  5. ha ha...stay off the blogs? wtf?

    love wedding crashers. genius.

  6. too cute!!! also i LOVE your glasses! xoxo