Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A feather love contest

I never post contests... but Noa of Feather Love Photography just gave me the scoop on this, and it's too cool for me not to put up.

Noa is offering free wedding photography to one lucky couple getting married this May. She's looking for something "vintage/ hippie/ indie/ handcrafted/ hip." (Read: in dire need of free photography.) Extra points for English Garden or Great Gatsby inspired.*

And we are hatching a wee plan to feature the winning wedding on esb... If you think you might be down for that.

(Image by Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography)

*Am I imagining things, or is everyone obsessed with The Great Gatsby all of a sudden?


  1. what if i want to have another wedding? can i enter? i am game for english garden or great gatsby.

  2. this is awesome!

    yes i've seen great gatsby a few other places these days

  3. gatsby is friggin everywhere lately. i love it. Baz Luhrmann got the rights to do a new film of it... hopefully its more Strictly Ballroom and less Australia.

  4. Gatsby is everywhere. And why not?

  5. Man! I totally would have loved to enter this one year ago. It sounds amazing and I pretty much love how dreamy FeatherLove's photos are. I'm game to have another wedding Gatsby style!

  6. busted. you're so right, gatsby never went out of style.

    i mean, did martinis ever go out of style? *real* martinis? nooooo.

  7. Its been taking over. the Speakeasy is back. moonshine is back. absinthe has been back. whiskey is back. I bet Daisy is the next big name trend, too :)