Friday, April 3, 2009

Spin This

Last night I had a chance to see this man in action. No, not spinning records. Killing the jukebox at Little Joy.

It turns out Michael lives in my neighborhood, so we got together to talk about weddings and alt-weddings and wedding blogs.* (While he hit me with these guys and of course them.)

Beware The Flashdance. They may just take over the indie wedding world. Via Echo Park, of course.

Now I'm listening to the demo cd Michael gave me and kinda wishing I had a wedding to go to this weekend.

*I'm not sure the other (two) happy hour patrons appreciated all the w------ talk, but anyhoo.

(Image courtesy of girl.x)


  1. I'm so fascinated by all this. What did you tell him about all of us (us being alt wedding blog people, of course)?