Thursday, April 30, 2009

enter the feather love contest. srsly.

Noa changed the rules. May schmay! Couples getting married any time are now free to enter. Plus she is really talking up this whole East Side Bride feature thing. She thinks I'm a big deal. (Hee hee.)

p.s. Have you looked at Noa's portfolio? I think she's the big deal.

(Image by Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography)


  1. Honey, you ARE a big deal.

    And Noa's great.

  2. OMG, wtf? you are totes srsly a big deal! ha!

  3. for real though. if the date is right (and if your wedding is gonna be awesome) you might get The Flashdance DJ thrown in for free too? So step your game up! Just sayin.

  4. i agree with michael, majuh totes srsly big deal u r.