Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wedding dress halp!

Dear ESB,

I'm getting married next summer in my fiance's hometown and it will be a small ceremony in his parent's backyard and then a dinner reception at a great restaurant downtown. I would like to look classic and not too made up or bridal-y because it's an intimate affair and we're not particularly traditional. I would like to look great though, because it's a special celebration! :)

I'm very sure that I would like to wear a short white lacy dress from Lover's amazing collection (this, this or this, plus several other options I'm still considering) and my amazing sister and her husband will be graciously buying my dress for me as the raddest wedding gift ever. However, their dresses are hard to come by in Canada or online which makes trying on several dresses really difficult! I do also like this Zara dress (which I can easily purchase to try on and return for free if I don't like it) and a Lauren Moffatt dress
[pictured above] but I feel like they may not look special enough for my wedding.

While I'm going to keep trying to get the Lover dress of my dreams, I feel like I need to look at alternatives too in case that doesn't work out. 

Do you have any suggestions for a lacy short dress with a similar look to the Lover, Lauren Moffatt and Zara dresses? I'm also open to a nice top and skirt combo too. I have a budget of CAD800, but if you have cheaper options all the better! I am 5'5" and hourglass shaped if that helps.

Excited Bride To Be!




My one concern is that 100% silk (esp with long sleeves) might be a little warm for summer.... But I had to post it for someone else to buy.

Hold out for spring collections. Your dress is coming. I know it is.


  1. Just email Lover with what you wrote ESB. They are a small company and would probably be willing to work with you. I personally try to only shop from companies this size since I can always shoot them an email and get a hold of a real person who can give me real information.

  2. The Dolce Vita dress worn by this bride ( is GORGEOUS.

    You can buy it (way under budget) online here: and (I think they are the same, but one listing is out of stock).

    1. That DV dress is stunning. And with those shoes!

  3. yeah, I love that Lover stuff and agree if you wrote them, they would probably make a deal (or write their stockists for mail-order - admittedly makes returning harder/more expensive). Don't wear a polyester Zara dress (IMO).

    But also, I looked for a lot of dresses like this last year, ended up buying vintage but I saw soooo many similar styles come out in the spring. I bet you would have no prob if you wait until then.

  4. You might really like this or this dress from Dolce Vita

    This Alice + Olivia is also lovely

    Also, this online seller carries some of the Lover collection, such as this dress, and they offer free international shipping and returns.

    But, really, you should contact Lover, as Anon 7:10 suggests.


  5. The OP is in CANADA - she'll be fine in silk!

  6. I love the Lauren Moffatt dress. I think it would be so sweet for your small ceremony.

    I have the Sara Lover dress. I'm wearing it for my wedding. It's beautiful but my only gripe is that it's lined in polyester. I tried the third one but found the uneven hem a little awkward. Maybe more suitable if you're taller.

    Might be worth scouring on ebay as Lover items do pop up occasionally. There's a size 4 on ebay on the second Lover dress: here

    You might like the Steven Alan Lane dress. Only available from size 6-10 though. Twenty Seven Names has a cute lace smock too.

    Love Loup Charmant's Scallop dress and Karla Spetic's Catherine dress but the long sleeves might make it too hot. This one also with long sleeves.

  7. I'm totally partial to Lover. I got married this summer in the Sara dress and it was just the dress for a Midsummer wedding

    It was a hot day (close to 30C) in Munich and the little cap sleeves made it just breezy enough. I danced the night away and had no issue with the Polyester lining. The best part is I can't wait to wear this dress again.

    About ordering, I bought it from Bona Drag in the U.S. so maybe try them. I was lucky with one try and the size was just right.

  8. Excited bride to be!October 22, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    Hi ESB! Thank you for reading and posting my email! I feel like I know a celebrity, ha :) Thank you readers for the pretty suggestions, I do like a number of the Dolce Vita ones. I emailed Lover and have been getting help from them, so I'm really hoping I get my Sara dress! In the mean time though, still looking around (just in case) and maybe even wait for the spring lines like you suggested, I do have lots of time after all.

    Sasha and Anon 6:47, I'm so jealous you have the dress! If you're an AUS 6 or 8 and would like to sell your dress (although I'm thinking unlikely, it's so pretty), you have a ready buyer! :)

  9. I always find a good dress months after the original post, but while looking for a white lace dress for this week's request, I found this dress from Candela that might fit the bill. International shipping + returns (not free though, womp).

    Although I hope everything worked out with Lover because that is the best.

  10. Your dress: