Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pioneertown Weddin'

This is the just kind of wedding that makes me want to get married again.... Sweet and simple, with a really sexy backdrop.

Here are a few words from the lovely bride:

We always knew that we wanted a semi-elopement, handmade, un-cookie-cutter-style wedding and after getting engaged in Joshua Tree last year, knew it was the perfect location and we would never find anything similar in the UK. We never had a wedding style/theme/scheme in mind but the desert encapsulates everything we love -- country, psychedelic weirdness, good BBQ and Californian hospitality, with not an English country garden in sight. 

We had the most surreal and magical day with our closest friends and family, as well as the amazing people who helped bring the day together.

(Photos by Rad + In Love. See more images + get all the dets over on their blog)


  1. Shit - totally makes me want to get married again. In that DRESS. In that SETTING. With those gorgeous FOTOS. Total perfection.

  2. Gorgeous.

    And Pioneertown is awesome. We swung through there last spring to go to Pappy and Harriet's and we were like "What is this weird fake town?" But then we read up about it and it's got a pretty cool history (in as much as I know/understand it).

  3. OMG that dress! And the look on the bride's face in the sixth picture...WERK.

  4. oh man I couldn't marry someone with better hair than me

  5. Love the photos. So good.

    Had a peek at Rad in Love. Dress is by Miguelina. It's here for those that are interested.

  6. Beautiful dress and great photos. I could not marry someone with better her than me either though.

    Also, what is up with people saying "we wanted a semi-elopement, handmade, un-cookie-cutter-style wedding country", do people realise that these DIY, outdoors, intimate, -oh so unique- weddings look almost all the same as well?? I love this kind of weddings, but it baffles me how people describe them as if they were the only "cool and special" way of getting married.

    1. The bride is from the UK. I'm not sure the wedding industry is the same there as it is here. I think it's a lot more overblown in the US and Australia (for some reason). In the UK (or at least England) you still have to get married in a church, I think, for it to be recognized.