Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seeking: Sturdy but sexy heels


I'm getting married outside and have to navigate some pretty treacherous terrain. To avoid a bambi, legs akimbo situation, do you have any suggestions for fabulous, but sturdy heels? Is that even a thing? My dress [pictured above] isn't very forgiving in terms of footwear choices, being shorter, so I want to go all out.

Also, flats are not an option. This is one of the few chances I have to dress girly/appropriately sexy and I want to take full advantage!!

Sexy but sturdy


Dude, wear the SNAKESKIN HEELS! that she designed to go with the collection.

They look sturdy-ish enough to me.

Though you might want an adorable pair of sneakers as backup....

I'm thinking classic white Supergas.


  1. I'm a huge fan of Seychelles for comfortable, sturdy heels.
    Maybe these?:
    Or a wedge?:

  2. i got married on the beach and was insistent on wearing (big, sexy) heels. my wedding planner said it HAD to be a wedge and should also have an ankle strap to help me feel more secure. it did the trick.

    try something like this: Burberry Double-Strap

    just a warning though -- this is not a good idea if you do not wear heels frequently or aren't super comfortable in them. i was okay as was one of my bridesmaids, but the other two were miserable and we all followed the same wedge / strap rule.

  3. Man alive those heels esb picked are incredible. Search no more! Those are them.

  4. it's pretty clear a wedge is the right option. i hardly ever wear heels (sounds like you don't either), so there's no way the shoes esb picked would qualify as sturdy enough for me

  5. I agree with people that those heels don't look 'sturdy' and maybe you should try a wedge. Sorry for the obvious answer, but: LR black/nude/gold wedge, or LR black snakeskin/dots wedge?

    Or, something with a wide heel, a la:

    Ella Moss
    Chinese Laundry snakeskin/dots

  6. Supergas sneakers are hideous. Am I alone in this?

    1. You're not alone, they look like the shoe equivalent of mom jeans!

  7. Looks like you can turn esb's pick into a wedge in like two clicks. Shoes of Prey is dangerous.


  9. SBS, where did you get your Zampatti dress? Did you ship it from Australia or did you find somewhere that carried it?

    I love the Pearl Georgette but want to try it on if I can.

  10. @Jennifer Quinlan - I am in Australia so (hugely unhelpfully, sorry) can't comment on stockists in US. I CAN attest to the quality and gorgeously flattering fit of Carla's designs, and the waterfall/georgette pieces in particular. I own the OP's dress in navy, and if that hadn't busted my bank account would have bought the navy georgette dress too. Carla cuts to flatter everything - if you have a hint of lump, bump, or curve, she will smooth it and you will look exactly like the gorgeous woman you are. If you don't - it maaaay be a little big in the hip region, but you will still look fantastically feminine. In other words - doitdoitdoit.