Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seeking: wedding crash retaliation

Oct 13, 2013


My younger sister got married yesterday and the wedding was awesome and fun (wahoo!), except for a little drama from an obnoxious group of crashers.

Security quickly dealt with the situation (they were pretty obvious as it was mostly a family affair and they were making real asses of themselves) and I know that this is the risk you run with the internet -- but here is my quandary:

The solo female in the group was posting all over Instagram using the evening's hashtag and bragging about wedding crashing. Her username is her full legal name, and is unusual. I now know basically everything about her, including the fact that she works in digital media and marketing.

Basically I know I need to let it go and be the bigger person, but still feel protective over my little sis and would love to let this crasher know she is not nearly as clever as she thinks she is. Tell me to stand down -- and I would love to hear how anyone else dealt with this!

Retaliatory MOH


Did you find an email address for the crasher?

Email her, and very kindly (KILL HER WITH KINDNESS) ask her to take down the instagrams from your little sister's wedding.

If that doesn't work, give us the dets and we'll be happy to bombard her with comments.*

Siri Tollerod By Henrik Bülow for Costume Finland (September 2013) via Visual Optimism

*I have to admit, I kind of really want this to happen.


  1. ESB's plan sounds excellent.

    Perhaps you can feel comforted too by some wishful karmic thinking? I reckon this girl will get *shedloads* of people crashing her wedding one day -- and/or the weddings of those close to her. She's inviting it on, especially with her unusual name and tacky (ahem, trashy) cahoots plastered across the interwebs. My guess is anyone of taste wouldn't want to fraternize with said person.

  2. I feel a little bit like I'm clutching my pearls here, but I'm absolutely horrified that people do this. Go with ESB's plan, and then let the entire internet crash her Insta.

  3. I was MOH at a wedding last weekend (which was awesome) and there was another wedding next door during the day. The other bride totally tried to crash my bffs wedding! I didn't see her, so I'm not sure if she was in her wedding dress when it happened (one can only hope) but the staff at the Inn kicked her out.

    Wedding Crashers was a great movie, not a great life-plan.

  4. Come on, just spill the dets, let us get to work.

  5. The social voyeur/mean girl wants to see the instagram account and just how trashy this person really is, and the rest of me feels that internet retribution gets out of hand fast... even if you are a stupid party crashing bullying idiot who doesn't deserve consideration.

    Screencap everything and send them a bill for the booze+food.

    1. Seconding the invoicing. Amazing.

    2. Also, not to be an annoying reasonable person, but talk to your sister before you start inviting retribution. In so doing you are not only bombarding evil wedding crasher's website but potentially also spreading your sister's pics/wedding info to randoms on the internet. I was really careful to not have my full name on my wedding pictures, website, etc.because I didn't want wedding stuff to come up when people googled me for professional reasons. Similarly, your sister might not want people who google her to find themselves at this crasher's insta full of mean comments, which most would assume came from your sister.

  6. Perhaps in your kind but strongly worded e-mail you might want to include a link to this post as emphasis that retribution will come hard and fast...

  7. I almost feel bad for saying so, but my fingers are crossed that Wedding Crasher refuses to take the photos down.

  8. I'm ready! Just say the word, Sis, and we're on it! I will join Instagram just so I can participate.

  9. I'm dying for an update on this one!!

  10. I'm baffled that wedding crashing actually seems to be something that some people do. I'm from Germany and I have never heard that something like that happend.

  11. Am I the only one thrown off by "the evening's hashtag"? Is that a thing now?