Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Broad shoulder woes &tc


I wrote you almost 2 years ago, complaining about my Olympic swimmer shoulders and my crazy family
[not linking here, because hey, let's not get anyone in trouble]. I've been married about a year and a half now, our wedding was amazing and everyone behaved.

I ended up wearing a strapless dress my mom made; I know you're no fan of strapless but its what I felt best in so I went with it. Last month my husband and I fulfilled our long time dream of moving to Africa. We quit our jobs, sold all our stuff, bought some tickets and moved to Malawi (and got a puppy!). In the chaos of transporting my life across the world, I forgot about your blog. All blogs, actually. There was no time or energy for anything except packing and making Goodwill runs. Now we are here and we love it, despite the heat and humidity.

Last night I was laying in bed, sweating profusely because its so damn hot and we have no AC and we can't leave our windows open because of mosquitoes and our windows don't have screens because that's not a thing here. I couldn't sleep. Then your blog popped into my head and I put my sleeplessness to good use, catching up on all I missed. It was like finding money in your pocket that you forgot you had. Thanks for that.



So are your wedding photos

♥ ♥ ♥

(Images by Tyler Branch)


  1. Gorgeous shoulders. Gorgeous fckn photos. Africa. My heart just about can't handle this post, which is a gorgeous reminder to LIVE.

  2. Damn, I shouldn't have looked at the rest of the pictures because now I want to have another wedding.

  3. I'm in the same boat with having broad shoulders and have been looking for dresses with a neckline or straps but instead fell in love with a strapless dress. I was thinking that wearing my hair down would actually help and look better, what made you decide to wear your hair up?

  4. Broad shouldered? This little lady looks petite and adorable! FUUUUUUCCKKK the dress makers that make women hate their bodies and forget their awesomeness!

  5. oh it is a sad world indeed when this gal thinks she has broad shoulders.

    1. my thoughts exactly. what a bummer that this gorgeous girl with LOVELY shoulders has anything negative to say about her physical self.

  6. damn, girl. where are your dragons?

  7. Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous bride and gorgeous dress! Great luck to you in Africa!

    And you have tiny baby shoulders. It is so weird the things that we pick about our bodies to feel insecure about.

  8. Sweet shoulders.

  9. That is some body dysmorphia if she thinks she has broad shoulders. I'd even go so far as *narrow* in describing those mothers. And also: gorge.

  10. Everyone at this wedding is incredibly attractive.