Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seeking: A late-night dancing dress

Dear esb,

First off, thanks to your and your readers. In the last several months of wedding planning you've given me a lot of laughs, but you've also 1) wisely kept me from sending out too many save-the-dates, 2) convinced me to keep my name, 3) given us a reading for our wedding -- Felix Gonzalez-Torres is my and my fiance's favorite artist, and the note you posted from him to Ross is beautiful. We're getting married in 3 1/2 weeks now and I couldn't be more excited.

There's one last thing I've been looking for though. I need a dress to change into at the end of the night -- probably for the last hour of dancing, when my parents' friends will have left and the dance floor gets wild and sweaty, and then for the afterparty (we're going to do at a dance-y bar). So I guess I could call it a "reception" dress. I found the perfect one, but at $600 it's out of my budget. It's Mariana Valentina, and since she doesn't have her new collection up on her site I drew this picture of it.

What I love about it -- 1) the combination of the deep V and high slit with the tulip skirt is sexy but still modest with the sleeves and length, 2) the whole 70s disco vibe, 3) the gold as a contrast to the white dress, 4) the wrap dress look is really flattering for curvy girls like me, 5) the stretchy fabric is super comfortable to dance in. Do you and your readers have any suggestion for a similar dress that's closer to $200? I like the gold, but would also be into any metallic, bright blue (one of our colors), or a black/white combo.

I know you've frowned on the reception dress in earlier posts, but here is the reason why I want to change out of my wedding dress. I have absolutely come to love this dress, but it's not exactly the unusual dress I always thought I would wear (the dress-in-my-head I never found was a floaty sheer silk long-sleeved wrapped dressing gown look) so having a change would make me feel more like me. Mostly though, it's long and a bit cumbersome for late-night dancing.

Channeling My Inner Disco Dancing Queen



  1. this is a joke right? that dress is awful

  2. Gah, your original Nicole Miller dress is so, so much better. I don't think it's boring, strapless-ness aside.

  3. Vivienne Westwood is my favorite. The color is just enough off.

  4. Oof. Maybe its the goofy model, black pantyhose and platform pumps, but that dress is really not doing it for me. The Nicole Miller is pretty great, though.

  5. For what it's worth, I have a version of that Vivienne Westwood that fits like a dream (I too am a curvy girl); actually planning to wear it for -my- reception when time comes for dancing.