Friday, August 30, 2013

Jill Soloway's Afternoon Delight

I've been sitting here for the past two hours trying to write a review of this movie. (Which is terrific, by the way.)

But all that's coming out is a rant about critics, especially male critics, who can't handle an honest portrayal of female sexuality.

Rather than rant, I will just urge you to go see it.

Please, GO SEE IT.

We need more movies with funny, complicated, not-always-likeable female characters. And more movies (lots more movies) written and directed by women.


  1. I can' stop imagining it as Ted, and this is what happens 5 years after he meets the mother.

  2. Here fucking here!!! Amen. Have you read the 'new statesman' article 'I hate strong female characters'? Stupid iPhone won't let me link to it but I think you'd like it.

  3. I'll keep an eye out for it to come to Victoria...

  4. Oh my god, this makes me so happy. The lead (Hahn) is my cousin (it's the internet, I'm allowed to admit that without seeming name droppy, right?), and we've been having a debate in my family about seeing the movie as a family, given the sexual content, and how proud we are of her for carrying her first movie. There is so much assumed shame out there about representing female sexuality on film, when what she does in this movie is something we'd see from males all the time, and usually in a comedic, no beauty to it, manner.

  5. saw the preview for this before seeing In A World... last night (which, by the way, ruled. I heart Lake Bell sooo hard.) and am V V EXCITED.

    p.s. the girl who plays the "nanny" was also in Little Birds, which was also neat and is partially set in the dumpiest part of Silver Lake (at the Tom's Burgers which is suddenly now under construction -- anyone know what's coming??).