Monday, October 11, 2010


I haven't been feeling like my cheerful, snarky self lately.

I decided to kick coffee while I finish my feature script, which in retrospect was maybe not the smartest plan. (Though dealing with daily, grinding headaches was not helping me out either.)*

Without that one cup of coffee waiting for me, I find I have no incentive to get out of bed in the morning and hit the computer. Srsly. It's an enormous problem.

(Image via YIMMY'S YAYO)

*Say "Are you sure they're not caffeine headaches?" and you lose a testicle. Yes, they are caffeine headaches. Turns out I get them when I have any caffeine at all. Ever.


  1. Maybe it is the weather. Although it sounds like you have plenty of reason to be feeling blah. I'm blaming the entire world and enforcing a one week blogging ban for myself. Comments on other blogs not included in the ban, obvs.

  2. yeah! totally see the problem.

    It's also the time of year where its getting hard to get out of bed anyway (uhm don't know about that in LA...but here its cold and dark! in the morning)

    It helps me to ban coffee for short periods.
    and then it kicks in again and makes you cheerful, motivated and fast. even in smaller amounts.
    works for me.

    I wish I could be more at home and focus on my work...doing 1000 day jobs, doesn't really help the business. and is giving me headaches. grmpf. maybe its just this time of year!?

  3. I'm sorry lady. This sounds shitty.

  4. oh noooo. hopefully your battle with caffeine will be over soon. good luck with the script!

  5. Oh, i know the caffeine fiend veeery well myself. I wish you good luck with beating it down, I never quite manage to do it myself.

    You know, I'm quite curious though. All popular culture states that US makes weak coffee, you know if it's actually like that? I'm swedish, and its pretty much weaved into our everyday life to drink looads of coffee, and quite a strong one too.

  6. Possibly helpful (or incredibly unhelpful) tip: you could try getting your liver checked out? I've been told that if you react badly to caffeine it might be to do with poor detoxification in your liver...
    Hope you feel better soon, whatever the cause is xox

  7. I get nasty caffeine headaches from normal coffee too, have switched to decaff. Don't notice any difference whatsoever in taste & it still hits the spot.

    All the best with the script x

  8. Bummer, I know the feeling and it's NOT pleasant or agreeable. Do you fancy tea? When I need to take a break from caffeine, I drink decaf tea.

    It's the ritual of getting up and drinking something warm that I miss most about coffee. Tea gives me this ritual, without the headaches. My favorite tea this time of year is Trader Joe's Peppermint Green Tea. It tastes like a big hot cup of holiday cheer. It has a subtle chocolaty-ness to it, but it's not too sweet. TJ's sold out of it last year around the holidays because it was so popular.

    Another thing that has helped me get out of weird funks like this is green smoothies. They sound and look gross but they taste good if you add enough fruit, and they do amazing things to you. I sleep better, wake up a LOT easier, and feel much more energetic throughout the day when I eat a couple green smoothies a week. In a blender:

    A big handful of kale, de-stemmed
    1 mango, peeled and pitted
    1-2 peeled bananas, the riper the better
    2 cups almond milk (I like the vanilla kind)
    add honey and ice cubes to taste

    Sometimes I also just throw in any frozen/fresh berries I happen to have around. Any combo of fruit is usually good.

    Hope this helps!

  9. ok i'm not asking IF they're caffeine headaches, i work with coffee for a living, but i thought caffeine headaches were the ones you get during withdrawl? thats my issue, at least. i have to have a couple shots of decent cuban espresso 3-4 times a day. if i don't have any, the migranes are on their way. i've never heard that coffee itself gives people headaches. either way, that blows the big one.

  10. Hope you feel less terrible soon. I don't have any ideas for curing a caffeine headache, but I like to eat ice cream when I feel crappy, so I'd get you some ice cream if I could. :/

  11. maybe some caffeine free tea? if you're ADD or ADHD like me, get the doc to prescribe you some Ritalin or Adderall (a low dose would probably work fine if you're new to it). also, you could ask the doc about the caffeine headaches.

  12. Blerg, yeah I get the opposite – if I don't drink strong tea in the morning I get crazy knock-you-out headaches. So not only am I addicted to caffeine... it's a pretty wussy addiction.
    Good luck with your script, and I hope the lack of coffee gets easier to handle!

  13. Girl, you are a warrior for even *attempting* this - I am impressed. My friend kicked coffee with yerba mate. Shit looks nasty but she says it works.

    I am trying to kick 1) excessive eating 2) extreme lack of motivation 3) career stasis and 4) chewing my cuticles. It's not doing wonders for my mood. AT. ALL. If anyone asks me to do something at work today I'm going to shiv them in the face.

  14. poopy soupy.

    i know it's hard to see the light right now, but kicking my caffeine habit was the best thing i ever did. caffeine made me feel like complete SHIT. i know drinking decaff is total busch league, but catherine's suggestion is a good one. i rarely miss coffee anymore, but when i do, decaff always does the trick.

    feel better, please. :(

  15. Kick that scripts ass, and feel better.

  16. I feel your pain. I gave up coffee and tea, and it is kind of making me want to give up getting out of bed, wearing real clothes, and you know just life in general. But I don't act like a hamster on speed anymore either so I have that going for me. Hang in there.

  17. Hear you sister. I decided to get my health in order while trying to also, I donno, get my books in order and a billion other business things done by year end. Fun side effects include: my acupuncturist cutting me off from all sugar and booze, the healing time my body needs from acupuncture making me want to sleep all the time and stare into space while I'm awake, kidney pain, etc.

    So wishing us both more energy for the big projects, and happy bodies once they adjust.

  18. decaf a no-go?

    i get caffeine migraines. i get them when i drink too much caffeine. and when i straight deprive myself of it completely.

    what worked for me, is going through some withdraw and then being a sane (ie, not 3-cups-a-day, addicted) coffee drinker. the headaches stopped. maybe yours will?

  19. Sorry :/ hope the script goes well. I guess I'm glad Mexicans drink coffee from birth. Coffee for me is comforting, but it hardly ever affects me.

  20. Are you perhaps dehydrated when/because you're drinking a lot of caffeine? I would say, drink a tall glass of water first thing in the morning (before coffee) and see how the rest of the day goes. And maybe drink a pint glass full of water with every cup of coffee... I would guess the headaches you're getting WHILE drinking coffee are either stress or dehydration. The headaches you're getting now are withdrawal.