Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He wants to get married in his old khakis


My fiance is dead set on wearing khakis and a navy blue blazer for our wedding. And he doesn't want to buy new ones, he just wants to wear the ones he already has..... can you whip up any magic to make this outfit a little more special? I want him to feel dressed up for his wedding. Maybe a vest underneath would help or something like that? I'm fashion challenged, especially when it comes to menswear. 

help me!!!


As far as I'm concerned, khaki pants and navy blue blazers are what little boys wear to weddings. Dorky little boys.

But.... Maybe you can convince your man to branch out and buy a pair of khakis in a not-quite-khaki color. Also: SADDLE SHOES.

(Photo of Ryan Reynolds by Peggy Sirota courtesy of GQ)


  1. tie clip? i sure do like tie clips. i second the saddle shoes call, as well. it's good to have something he can wear again and think, "hey, my wedding!" instead of "hey, high school debate club and traffic court and those three other weddings and that job interview and my wedding!"

    boys should be offered additional opportunities to feel fancy, is what i'm saying. it's kind of my position across the board.

  2. What Lauren said. Or, if a tie is not a requirement, maybe a scarf?

  3. Hmm, I'm not a fan but wouldn't you want your man to be comfortable and happy with what he's wearing?
    How about this, sans sweater and high-waters:

  4. Is he actually dead set on the outfit or does he just not want to go shopping for a new one? Because I can sympathize with that, but maybe if you took him to a nice store, with male salespeople who would actually help him pick out something to try on that could be perfectly tailored for him, the whole thing might seem less intimidating.

    If he's insistent, I would at least attempt to nix the navy blue blazer. Khakis on their own with a shirt would be less dorky to me than khakis with the navy blue blazer, which I assume is not well fitted (or maybe by some miracle it is?).

  5. if he has no idea where his khaki's went, he can't wear them. wink. wink.

  6. Oh, very business casual. It sort of depends on how formal a wedding you're having. You know, under a tree in California full formal wear could be odd. Conversely, in a cathedral ancient khakis are *definately* inappropriate.

    The blazer might be fine if it's well fitted, or you could have it tailored. Dressing it up - um, yeah, good shoes, plus any two from a pocket square, a buttonhole (simple), tie, tie pin, boater hat, yacht, or filofax...

  7. Thanks, everyone! You guys are the best.

    I definitely want him to feel comfortable with what he's wearing, but I also want him to feel special in it. Hopefully he'll like some of these ideas!!

    xo Carly

  8. You must take matters into your own hands. Dispose of the offending khakis as soon as possible, and fain ignorance. He will forget about them within 2 days. Swear. My fiance has a habit of bringing home "fabulous vintage finds", which fabulously disappear sooner or later...

  9. I think it's a good idea to suggest to your fiance that he try on his whole wedding ensemble ahead of time. Sometimes an outfit "looks" great in our imagination, but once you're actually staring at yourself in the mirror, you may not like the idea as much.

    Case in point, my fiance bought nice khakis and a great blazer for our wedding, was SO excited when it all came in the mail, put it all on, and was really disappointed. It all fit him great and he looked sharp, but he didn't feel like a groom. He felt like he was heading to a biz meeting. He was super gloomy until he found an awesome suit online, and sent back the khakis and blazer. He had been dead-set-against a suit in the beginning, but when he tried it on he felt like a million bucks and said "now I'm ready to get married." :)

  10. Maybe point your groom in the direction of the Wes Anderson wedding - would that inspire him not to dress like he's at a business lunch?

  11. Khakis with a great tweed coat might work. But no matter what, nix the navy blazer.