Friday, October 29, 2010

Digby & Iona for Madewell

Digby & Iona, one of my very favorite jewelry designers, just did an exclusive new piece for Madewell.

It always feels a little bittersweet when one of your faves hits the big time, you know what I mean? Orla Kiely for Anthropologie and then Target. Steven Alan for Urban Outfitters. That band I used to love that suddenly everyone loves.*

Anyhoo. The necklace is rad.


*I don't really keep up with bands anymore... But you know what I mean.


  1. so you're not literally talking about MGMT?

    i try to tell myself that i want my darlings to have recognition and money. unless, you know, it curdles their brains and they end up miserable. why d'you do that to my darlings, recognition and money? it sucks.

  2. @lauren a) god no. I didn't hear MGMT until EVERYONE heard MGMT. b) that's exactly what H said. root for your people!

  3. that necklace IS pretty groovy. and i know what you mean. i am very territorial about my favorites ... designers, bands, blogs, bars, you name it.

  4. @17 oh jeez. let's not even get into bars.

  5. i have been known to queue up ben folds five's "brick" on the jukebox to clear our local when it gets too crowded.

  6. ahhh what an amaaazing combo of talents. just when i thought madewell/digby & ionna couldn't get any better, they combine!!!