Friday, October 8, 2010

check this shit out

The very first bit of printed paper has gone out into the world representing Read The Printed Word.

Stack America, a terrific curatorial service that sends beautifully made independent magazines to its subscribers every other month, invited us to create a print.

What we gave them was a bookmark, or, rather, MAGMARK, that cevd designed and printed by hand on her letterpress. Because nobody wants to fold over a corner or crease a page in a magazine, especially not one that's beautifully made.


  1. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Doing the good work, as always, ESB.

  3. there any way you can get one of those if you're not a Stack subscriber? Especially since new subscribers won't get it (according to their site). I'd gladly pay cevd *and* you for one.

  4. This is really cool. I'm using a kleenex to keep my place in the old copy of Bust I'm reading, so I officially have mag mark envy.

  5. awesome. my books are permanently dog-eared. how do i get one of these?

  6. I can see people are pretty excited about it! It's great, too. Thanks so much, esb.

    So how about this: esb followers can sign up for Stack America for the next two weeks for a reduced price ($5 off), and I'll also send you one of the marvelous magmarks too.

    Sign up here:

    Any questions, let me know:


    Stack America

  7. I love this, How can i get one?

  8. nice work, ladies. nice work.