Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dear esb,

i have to give a graduation gift for a college graduate. i have no effing clue what to give her. she's loaded and has really expensive taste and i'm... not doing so hot in either of those areas. you know. what does a person even GIVE for a college graduation, anyway? 


Get her a kick-ass card and be done with it.

(I cringe a little when I think about the money I've spent trying to impress people with money.)

Great Job Card by Sycamore Street, printed on a vintage Vandercook letterpress (whatever that is), for sale at catbird


  1. I love those catbird cards.

    Anyway, I agree-- manners flew out the door so long ago, the grad will be pleasantly surprised to get a card.

  2. A good book. After graduation was the first time I finally had time in years to read for pleasure, and I devoured every book I could get my hands on.

  3. I agree with Mouse. I love getting new books, especially when it comes recommended.

  4. vandercook is a press founded in 1909 by robert vandercook. i'm currently taking at class on using them at cooper union in NYC.

    the guy who runs the class, dan, owns the arm letterpress in brooklyn, where you can rent presses by the hour. he's really knowledgeable, something like a 3rd generation letterpresser.

    it's a great class- i recommend it. and it means i'm one step closer to starting my own stationary company! YAY!

  5. take her out for a drink. an expensive one. like an $15 cocktail or something. tell her how proud you are and accidentally forget your wallet.

    just kidding. pay for the drink and have a good catch up with your friend. i'm sure she'll appreciate it.

    and if she doesn't well. three words. drink and dash. kidding.

  6. i agree with ESB on this one -- i personally don't believe in compulsory gift-giving. BUT if you absolutely MUST give a gift, i recommend a GAME of some kind. playing games with my friends over wine or cocktails is a favorite 'adult' activity of mine. a vintage backgammon set, a deck of nudie playing cards, tiles, diplomacy, risk, or the game Go ... a japanese game that requires players to strategize over the long term. a great metaphor for life.

    however, i realize that i'm a nerd and most people don't play games. so maybe give the grad a membership to a museum or something.

  7. Bake her a cake in the shape of a mortarboard. Nothing says well done like a cool shaped cake!

  8. I like the drink idea or the book idea, but just a card is just as good. I guess it depends what type of friend you are with this person. I graduate in December, so I'm already on the hunt for good books that I get to read.

  9. Definitely agreed...sometimes quality time is the best gift before life starts moving too quickly...I got a close friend of mine last year a framed photo of a group of her close friends and I holding up a "You're awesome" sign...but might be a little weird if you're not in a group together though...just a thought.

  10. If she has a lot of money, don't try to give her something expensive, as it seems you don't sit on that kind of stash. If she want something expensive, she will probably buy it herself. Do the esb-thing with a card, or make her something homemade. If she's a good person she will appreciate your delicious cake, or jam made with love, if not - do you really want to spend your energy on her?