Monday, June 14, 2010

Mac's Groom's Kit

A Camel Hair tie can feel just as formal as a tux...

1. Camel Tie from HATCHERY Label coming this fall from Pierrepont Hicks.  Our new luxury line will include cashmere ties and Italian cotton pocket squares. Navy suit from Ralph Lauren.

2. Orvis Boot Camp Belt

3. Brooks Brothers Ribbed Crew Socks in orange

4. Taylor Stitch custom shirt

5. ipod shuffle full of ocean sounds for airplane

6. Born Shoes Kilbury

7. Barbour Quilted Vest

8. Doane Paper notebooks

9. McMillan Old Hunting tartan scarf - we had these made as gifts for our guests in both McMillan and MacDonald (Kat's maiden name).

Thank you thank you Mac and Kat!


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