Monday, June 14, 2010

Kat's Travel Staples

1. J.W. Hulme co. Sporting Originals luggage - no rollers

2. Dubarry Boots

3. White jeans - you can dress up any outfit with these

4. No. 7 Illumination lotion

5. Rosebud Salve

6. llbean Camo Tote - washable

7. Calypso Celle Dale Top

8. Santa Maria Novella Honeysuckle - my only fragrance

9. Chanel Red Lipstick - again, dress it up in a pinch

10. Barbour Quilted Jacket

11. My Kindle - I read The Atlantic Monthly on it as well as The Trad

12. Kick ass heels preferably red - these are from TOAST UK

Even though there's a pretty strict read the printed word mandate around here, I'm willing to forgive Kat the kindle for travel. I mean she's got to keep up with the blogs. Speaking of blogs, Pierrepont Hicks has a rad one, with much groom style inspiration to be had.


  1. i would like a pair of those red heels, please.