Monday, June 21, 2010

In Which Catbird Presents a selection of Baubles for Famous Lovers

Salvador Dali & Federico Garcia Lorca
Did they? Didn't they? Let the tongues wag. For Federico, a necklace vaguely in the form of Salvador's moustache, and for Salvador, a ruby ring in honor of Garcia Lorca's Blood Wedding.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton
Far be it for us to suggest a bauble for Mrs. White Diamonds herself. Rather, the decanter set from Love & Victory, makes for neat drinking, and easy glass hurling.

Clara Rockmore & Léon Theremin
Léon's muse, and unrequited love, played his namesake instrument, with grace, drama, and a perfect chignon of pitch black hair. Of making otherworldy music rise from a brass box outfitted with a rod and a ring she said, “You have to play with butterfly wings."
Bittersweets Black Diamond Twig Ring

Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera
Love is true, love is trouble. She was pint-sized, he was not.  She was a painter, he was a painter. He loved ladies, she loved ladies. Twice-married, they brawled, battled, left and came together again in a blue house in Coyoacán.
Elisa Solomon Ombre Ring

Bob Dylan & Suze Rotolo
You sweethearts! You young romantics! You read Rimbaud in the park, and rambled round the streets of Greenwich village. The world was your oyster.
Carla Caruso Willow Ring


  1. Want. want. want. want.

  2. beyond words-
    i am with the others.

  3. You ladies have succeeded in writing a post about engagement/wedding rings that I actually enjoyed! Congratulations, this is so effin awesome.

  4. I can think of nothing that could make me love this post more.

  5. Jewelery with a story. Jewelery that evokes something more than bling. I spent a good hour on catbird yesterday after this post. Love this post and love that store.