Monday, June 21, 2010

Coming up... Leigh and Rony of Catbird

I asked Leigh and Rony if they would do a guest post about engagement rings, something like, "How to choose a ring for your lady. Or: When to let her choose her own damn ring." (I figured they'd have great insight because they get to see it happen all the time.)

Rony said, "love to," but then she reported back that she and Leigh and were having a hard time coming up with anything interesting because "we simply see no rules or trends as far as wedding rings go at catbird. We have the absolute complete range from those seeking super traditional matching bands to the guy who bought a knuckle biter as his wedding ring."

So instead of offering practical advice, they got all romantic on us. I think you'll dig it.

(Photo of Rony and her mom apropos of nothing. Apropos of I love the photo.)


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