Wednesday, October 8, 2008

what's the deal with the best man?

Why does he always think the speech is his big opportunity to impress everyone....?!

Actually, our best man was a doll. But I did take the precaution of asking my MOH to speak after him. It pisses me off that the men always get the last word.

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  1. I have heard some really, really bad ones. At one (very small) wedding I attended, the BM got so drunk that halfway through his embarrassing and pointless speech, someone screamed "SHUT THE FUCK UP, HARRY!" And he did, thank God.

  2. Halfway through my MOH speech for my friend the other summer I got to a line that went something like, "and then I had the pleasure of throwing her a bachelorette party where I hoped to get her really intoxicated and get some really juicy info for this speech, but unfortunately for me she holds her liquor better than most..."

    And my friend (AKA the bride) loudly declares into the mic I'm holding in my hand, "Yeah better than most! Unlike you, who pee'd all over your own shoes on the sidewalk that night."

    She meant it in jest- but I will be forever humiliated.

  3. And that MOH speech was a doozy; I can still get choked up when I think of it.

  4. "It pisses me off that the men always get the last word."

    Here, here!

  5. God I hate the best man's speech. I've heard one sweet one by the groom's big brother but the rest - oh my god, please shut up. The last managed sexism, racism and masturbation jokes all in one. Your Grandmother's here. Shut the fuck up!

    Our best man is adorable and would have said lovely things if we'd let him but we had a No Speech wedding. Apart from that 'surprise' one my mum gave. but thankfully she refrained form offending anyone.

  6. ps, I'm so glad you had a woman give a speech. Not only do men usually get the last word, they usually get ALL the words. I've only ever heard two female speeches, out of about 50 all together. It really pissed me off.