Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How's married life?* (SPOILER ALERT)**

Everyone asks this. But they only want one answer:

a) "Awesome." It is. Married life f'n rocks. But it is also

b) Not that different from shacked-up-together life. The big differences are: we have some great new kitchen equipment, and we are in the process of merging our debt.

c) Anticlimactic. Wedding-planning life was stressful, but it was exciting. The caterer not returning my calls. The can-I-find-a-slip-or-will-I-have-to-line-the-dress? crisis. The eleventh hour hunt for the polaroid camera. Now I'm faced with.... life. As in. Getting on with it.

It's a little daunting.

Not that I'd ever admit this when people say, "How's married life?"

*I owe something to Jake for this post.

**My apologies if you're not married yet. Or if you, er, asked me this question.

(Polaroid by Monica Clapcott)


  1. hear hear

    and if this is ruining someone's expectations; better they hear it now, i think.

  2. Stop with the hilarious yet depressingly honest posts already. I'm supposed to be working, not glued to your blog!

    Also, I'm in the process of hashing out a deal with Ms. Bee for trash the dress shoot now because of you. I never even wanted to trash my dress! My budget is wasting away like my willpower to avoid her flickr. ;)

  3. It's so true! Everyone asks my husband and I the same question - "how's married life?" And we always have the same answer - "it's about the same as it was before." Not that we don't love being married, but we felt married a long time before we actually legally were married, so it just doesn't really feel different...

  4. so psyched for you but also so. jealous. ;/

    might I ask... would you and Olivia Bee consider holding back a few pics for an east side bride exclusive :) :) :)

  5. For sure.

    It won't be until next June though. I'm so flippin' excited!

  6. ha ha wicked. that's totally. true...i love being married tho and i wouldnt change it...but it did take a while to adjust to being just a normal couple again and not one that's organising a wedding!

  7. I like your honesty but couldn't you have sugar-coated this one? just for me?? :)

    I think we're going to have some clashes right after we get married because we've never lived together or even in the same town so we're really used to doing our own thing... but hey, we'll get to share a tube of toothpaste! :)

  8. ha, how quickly they forget. i know it's classic grass-is-greener stuff but i can not wait for all the wedding planning drama to be over and to just be another boring/bored married couple!
    how about starting a family? there's some drama for ya. x

  9. Great post.

    I asked someone "how's married life treatin' ya'?" once - in my defense I didn't know her very well and couldn't think of anything else to say - and all I gleamed from her response was that I should never ask anyone such a mundane question again.

    I'll say something like, "not having to chase you to RSVP is heavenly."

  10. fantastic and honest haha... i love it!

  11. This is really funny. FutureHusband and I have been dating for 6 years and living together for the past 3. I really was in no rish to be engaged or married. I was and am TOTALLY happy. Now, I am excited to plan the wedding and be a "Mrs." but I was never the gal waiting for the ring. I knew it would happen one day. I just felt like- what't the rush, I am happy, what's going to change? I love the hear the honesty.
    Now, I have some friends who are getting married this weekend and will not live together until they get back from their honeymoon. For them, life after the wedding will be WAY different.
    In a small way I am envious, how exciting! But in a larger way, I am scared for them! Man, we had to work through a lot of kinks, pet peeves and idiosyncracies when we first moved in (hell, 3 years later even).
    Anyway, I could not be happier to marry the love of my life, but I really don't have any expectations of life being different. Other than people asking when we plan on getting married(with disapprovement in their eyes - lol), they'll ask when we plan on starting a family!

  12. :-D I didn't really "expect" it to be puppies and rainbows, but I did "expect" some feeling of change, like Kansas Versus Oz or something. But nope. Just us. Chillin'.