Thursday, October 23, 2008

my husband is my

He feeds me. He takes my computer to the shop. Repeatedly. He chauffeurs me to meetings when my car acts up. (Don't ask. This is not my week.)

And he lets me work on his computer.*

Another one from Porter Hovey. Taken in Greenport, NY, a cool town I used to know.

*Please don't tell him I'm blogging.


  1. sorry to hear that your week ain't been grand, but it sure is good to be loved during weeks like these huh?

  2. me too. without my guy i'd be up the proverbial creek. i really shouldn't get into it (because it's kind of all i talk about), but being "freelance" right now is looking a lot like "un-employed".

    shed no tears. this week is almost over, then it can be back to good old normal!

  3. husbands are good. for 'many' things when the stress piles on.

    hope next is better.

    i am dying to know; Porter and Holister Hovey? are these real birth names? seriously fantastic.

  4. Sorry you're having a crappy week, glad you've got a lovely husband!

  5. You can see a couple of (not that great) pictures of me in my dress here:

    Sorry about the crap week - you know, when it rains, it pours.
    Hope your weekend is better!

  6. I love Greenport. You think Claudio's is over rated???

  7. Kelley, Claudio's is def overrated. In my opinion. My favorite spot was always that dive bar :P